According to the team’s Twitter account, Director of Player Personnel Eric DeCosta isn’t going to seek out a general manager opportunity with another team.

As the Sun reported earlier in the year, majority partner Steve Biscotti has tabbed DeCosta as Ozzie Newsom’s eventual successor if he sticks around.

While Newsome’s indellible mark is on the team’s makeup, credit for success must go in part to DeCosta, who has been vital in the Ravens draft successes of Joe Flacco and Michael Oher in particular, picking up where current Eagles exec Phil Savage left off. Savage was an example of a hot young GM candidate the Ravens couldn’t keep at the Castle, as he ambitiously left to take the reins in Cleveland.

Ozzie Newsome is only 55 years old and has a competitive streak in him that assuredly wants to build another championship team, but for now it seems that DeCosta is fine to wait his turn, even though as reported, at least three teams want him constructing their rosters.