If Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth sees a lot of action in Thursday’s preseason game against the Redskins, odds are the Ozzie Newsome and the organization are shopping him around.  Rumors around the interwebs have indicated that the New York Giants have interest in the 28 year old corner out of Maryland as they have lost Bruce Johnson, Terrell Thomas and Prince Amukamara from their secondary.

Ken Weinman and former Redskins GM Vinny Cerrato talked about this topic on their show on 105.7 The Fan today.  Cerrato expects that Ozzie Newsome may be shopping Foxworth to the Giants and should he get two quarters of playing time on Thursday, he could be dealt.

Of course, Foxworth is still recovering from ACL surgery.  He has told media members that the healing process is taking longer than he had previously anticipated.

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  1. Did anyone bring up the possibility of a Foxworth for Carr swap? Maybe the G-Men throw in a draft pick. Would help the Giants with their CB issue and the Ravens with their #2 QB issue. Just a thought.


  2. no we will take osi through give the foxworth and 4 round

  3. because with the young boys coming up we will have time for him to get knee right

  4. and thats good for them and us want respond to my commits get at me on twitter at Gohard420h your #1 fan

  5. A corner back with ACL issues? <- NO THANKS!
    every Giants fan

  6. While in princible the concept makes sense, and Foxworth when healthy is a good corner. He is still recovering from ACL surgery. Losing Thomas is big for the Giants, but we do have our rookie corner coming back by around week 5. Also Ross and Webster are good starters. Add in the options of picking up Lito Sheppard or Brian Williams at the vet minimum for added vet depth now and I think it makes more sense for the Giants to sign one of them and go with what they have. Which means most likely they would have Ross, Webster, Sheppard/Williams, and Amukamara by around week 5. That seems to make the most sense, unless they really don’t like what they see when working out either Sheppard or Williams today and/or they are considering Foxworth in their long term plans.

  7. Wasn’t the criticism on Foxworth that the Ravens gave starter money to a guy who didn’t have many starts under his belt?

    • You are correct ,and the performance proved Ozzie made a huge mistake we are still paying for with the cap , release him and give his money to Halotti……….

  8. Giants signed Brian Williams today as vet depth. They’re also in talks with Lito Sheppard. It appears they most likely are signing both. Veteran depth and competition behind Ross and Webster, and while they wait for 1st round pick Prince Amukamara to be ready around week 5.

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