All is quiet in Owings Mills as we wait for the Baltimore Ravens to address the released video of Ray Rice knocking his wife Janay Palmer unconscious. Prior to this morning, the Ravens have been very outspoken in their support of Rice, head coach John Harbaugh referred to him as “a heckuva guy”, PR director Kevin Byrne wrote a blogpost titled I Like Ray Rice and the team blogged about fans giving Rice a standing ovation during the preseason.

Suddenly things have changed. Now Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman writes that he has texted with a Ravens player he’s “known for some time” who told him the locker room no longer stands beside Rice after the video was released this morning.

The player added that one reason the locker room stood behind Rice was because Rice gave them the impression that he was defending himself from her (as ridiculous as the notion is of a weaponless, petite woman being a threat to a pro athlete). The video, the player said, betrays what Rice told players.

Harbaugh will address the media at 8 PM.