It’s tough to get excited about the Ravens uniforms after seeing how awesome Maryland looked on Monday in their new Under Armour uni’s in their 32-24 defeat of the Miami Hurricanes.  Despite the traditional look for the Ravens, the team announced that their black jerseys will return against the New York Jets on October 2 and the San Francisco 49ers in the epic Harbaugh versus Harbaugh Thanksgiving pigskin extravaganza.

As Mike Duffy of points out, the Ravens wore their black jerseys with white paints last year, as opposed to their all black looked that they use to rock back in the day.  Baltimore went 2-0 last year with the black on white look, we’ll see how much superstition has to do with their outfit decisions this year.

My personal favorite combination debuted last year on December 5 against the Steelers, the purple jersey with black pants.  Unfortunately the Ravens lost that game, but they looked pretty good doing it.