Torrey SmithIt seemed like Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith hit the ground running right out of the gates this season. Now, Smith has just four catches for 54 yards in the Baltimore Ravens last two games.

So what happened?

According to the Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson, Smith was targeted just 11 times the last two weeks, eight of which came during the Ravens overtime victory over the Chargers.

“I just think its our execution, nothing has changed,” said Smith, who has caught 43 passes for 753 yards and seven touchdowns this season. “We’re getting open. We just have to finish the plays and get it back on track. It’s not like a panic mode or anything.

“It’s just a couple games off. We keep working. More often than not, we hit. We’ve just been off the past two weeks. We’ll get it back.”

As Wilson points out, Smith will be matched up against Pro Bowl corner Champ Bailey this week. It ain’t getting any easier.

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  1. Cams favorite play, Torrey you go deep, Ray stay in and block, Joe you just wing it down the field. Who cares if this doesnt work against the better defenses in the league just keep doing it, and if it doesnt work in the first half, then try it twice as much in the second half. This is the no imagination part, defenses seem to know its coming and when its coming. Ravens need to exploit defenses with some high percentage plays first and then throw in a couple of 9 routes. So expect all the same plays, but maybe just maybe, called in a different configuration adapting to what the defenses are doing, we will see more success.

  2. Torrey could be leading the league if he could catch the damn ball. He has to lead the league in dropped passes. What a waste of talent. He looks a lot like Patrick Johnson, except Torrey catches the ball every now and then.

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