Neither Shayne Graham or Billy Cundiff appear to have the lead in this year’s version of the Baltimore Ravens “kicking competition” according to reports, but now there’s another piece of the puzzle that seems to have been removed. Over the weekend the Ravens waived long snapper Matt Katula, leaving just rookie Morgan Cox to take his place.

Katula was injured with tendinitis last season, but looked to be stepping back into a job with Baltimore this season.

“We have a younger guy that looked good, and that’s kind of sometimes the nature of the business,” John Harbaugh told the Baltimore Sun. I’m not as confident as Harbaugh is though. It seems to me that the Ravens are adding another question mark to the kicking team by getting rid of a proven guy in Matt Katula and relying on a rookie who has played one preseason game.

But what do I know, I probably would’ve stuck with the old kicker Matt Stover over brining in Steve Hauschka last season. To be fair though, the Ravens did sign a cornerback after waiving

their veteran long snapper. Brad Jones was signed on Saturday, ever heard of him.

I hadn’t either, he was a seventh round pick by the Packers last season.

Unless Katula was really injured I don’t understand the logic in waiving him at this point in the year. To me you’re adding more uncertainty to an already questionable situation.