Ravens Defense By Offense

Its the Week 15 Ravens Preview Time. However, before we get into decomposing Sunday night’s game, lets give thanks for the balance of the Harbaugh-led Ravens. Since 2000, the Ravens have only posted an above average offense and an above average defense according to NFL Advanced Stats only three times: 2009, 2010 and 2011. The best offensive team during those years was in 2009 and the best defensive team the Ravens have had in those three years is this 2011 team. The graph above shows the elite defenses the Ravens have had since 2000 (best over that time period in the NFL) and the balance of the last three Harbaugh-led teams.

Preview of Ravens vs. Chargers after the jump.

With this year’s team fully appreciated lets take a gander back through history at the San Diego Chargers. The only time the Harbaugh led Ravens have matched up with Norv Turner’s Chargers was in 2009. The game itself was incredibly exciting and fun to watch and ended with Ray Lewis stuffing Darren Sproles on 4th down to seal a Ravens victory. Despite the fact that Sproles now plays for the Saints and Lewis has missed the past 4 games due to turf toe, I’d expect another nail biter. Why? The game on Sunday night will feature two fairly evenly matched units: The Chargers Offense vs The Ravens Defense.

Ray Lewis and The Ravens Defense face a difficult matchup against the Chargers Offense.