By now you’ve already heard Ed Reed’s comments about Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense against the Texans.  He wasn’t impressed with the Ravens QB or the guys up front that allowed Flacco to get tossed to the turf five times.

Obviously, Reed’s comments were the topic of conversation at the Ravens facility on Wednesday.  Ray Lewis, John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco all weighed in and had similar thoughts on the topic as they collectively downplayed their severity.

“I talked to Ed about it,” Flacco said according to Aaron Wilson of the Carroll Country Times.  “It’s not really that big a deal.  I don’t take things that bad.  It’s Ed.”

“It’s not an issue,” Lewis said.  “I understand where Ed’s heart is at,” Harbaugh added.

A locker room issue is the last thing that the Ravens need heading to New England for the AFC Championship, so they took a nice politically correct approach and did a great job of ending the story right there.

Reed could have said anything about Flacco and the Ravens would have downplayed it this week.

In my opinion, Ed Reed knows that this is it and he isn’t worried about pissing a few people off.  With the injuries he’s suffered, this could be his last season or at least his last chance of winning a ring and if he’s critical of the quarterback, so be it.


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