The 1st Mariner Arena (if that’s what they’re still calling it) is a dump.  I’ve seen concerts, circuses and sporting events there and can tell you that it doesn’t matter what form of entertainment is on the floor, the place is flat out horrible.

If Baltimore ever wants a chance to land an NBA or NHL franchise, they need to tear that place to the ground and start over.  I’d be happy help with the demolition part.

Monday, Major Stephanie Rawlings-Blake released a plan for a new downtown arena with the help of both the city of Baltimore and the Maryland Stadium Authority.  The plan would involve expanding the Baltimore Convention Center to allow for larger accommodations and (of course) sporting events.

The arena would be built adjacent to the Sheraton Hotel and over look the Inner Harbor.

There aren’t many more details about the project and a lot remains unanswered about when, or if, this new arena will be built.  According to Rawlings-Blake’s press release, the next step if for the city and state to lay out the financial information for the proposal.

I hope that this isn’t a story that get lost in the shuffle or goes the way of MVP Lanes.  I don’t know that Baltimore could support another professional sports franchise, but expanding the Convention Center and bringing in better concerts and events would be great for the city.