Ray Lewis begins new gig with ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown

It’s going to be weird without Ray Lewis — even more weird with him breaking things down on ESPN. Garrett Downing of the Baltimore Ravens official website tweeted the photo above of Lewis posing front and center with Keyshawn Johnson, Tom Jackson, Chris Berman Mike Ditka and Cris Carter.

Sweet shoes, Ditka.

How will Lewis fare on television? Hopefully Joe Flacco‘s recent comments aren’t any indication of Lewis’ fate. Richard Deitsch of MMQB.SI.com discusses the new gig.

Lewis was the most notable sports broadcasting hire of the offseason and he’ll travel to the Monday Night Football site each week to serve as an analyst for Monday Night Countdown. He’ll also work eight Sundays at ESPN’s studios in Bristol, Conn., appearing on Sunday NFL Countdown. The former Ravens linebacker debuts the morning of Sunday, Sept. 8, when he joins the cast of Countdown. The following day Lewis will be in Landover, Md., for his Monday Night Countdown spot, leading into the Eagles-Redskins game at FedEx Field. “I honestly think the sky is the limit for me,” Lewis told The MMQB in July. “A lot of people have only been introduced to my football mentality—and it is hard to get people to understand the football mentality unless you’ve lived it. I think I am totally different when I’m not thinking about battle, and I’m going to try to be the best at this. When people learn my personality and actually get into my head, they are going to be surprised by the way I think on an everyday and every-second basis.”

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  1. Not a bad group of guys,,,,,,,,,look out for Carter now that he has a jacket , there will be no living with him,,,,,,,,,,,,hope Ray does well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • I can’t believe ESPN has added Ray Lewis to their NFL Sunday lineup. This guy is a thug, a murderer and felon!!!!!! What a disgrace to the NFL!!! To the fans!!!

      Oh well looks like it is Fox Sports now…

  2. Looks alot like The Intimidator, Ravens2488, Pole, MGW, Will-o and Smoke.

  3. Kindly remember … despite his “personality” .. he is a murderer! Go ahead and get O.J. on your staff!

    • All about fox now,shame on espn for paying and glorifying a murder…they should apologize to the families and remove him.

      • Shame on all these stations that hire wife beaters, child molesters and drug addicts. Go back to tuning in to The Kardashians…get a life.

  4. I am soooo disappointed with ESPN putting Lewis on Sunday NFL Countdown. This WAS my favorite football show. I will watch Fox now.

    • Once again … he is a murderer! And along with Diane … I’m now unfortunately … watching FOX!

    • I’m disappointed too Ms. Diane!

      • The last time I checked Lewis was never charged or found guilty of murder. Oh wait a minute neither was OJ. Get your facts straight ass clowns. Go watch FOX, that’s where you belong.

    • Were you dissappointed when Penn Sate hired Jerry Sandusky? When all those Catholic priests molested those altar boys? How about when Bob Bauman, your Eastern Shore congressman was having sex with teenage boys? How about the drunken congressman in AA County? All those Hollywood actors who are dope pheens? Are you disapointed in them? Don’t throw stone if you live in a glass house. I am sure you are 100% PERFECT!

      • I agree, nineinchnails! it’s only when black people are involved there’s a problem.

      • The difference is … Penn State did not know that Sandusky was a pervert … and Sandusky is now in jail … ESPN knows that Lewis was involved in a murder … and Lewis is not in jail .. but on ESPN.

        • Penn State knew about Sandusky waaaaayyyy before he was caught. Get your facts straight. So, you said it yourself, involved in a murder, not convicted of murder, moron.

        • Rick, you need to stop writing… You just verify what everyone thinks about you, that you aren’t playing with a full deck.

          You actually said Penn State did not know Sandusky was a pervert? C’mon assclown! Penn State was covering for Sandusky as was Paterno!

          Keep your job as a lobotomy test patient because there isn’t much out there for brain-dead people.

          • Normally, I would not reply to a message that called me a “moron” .. . or .. “brain-dead” because, in a “debate” – in person .. or on the internet … “class” and “respect” is imprortant”… but in this case I will indeed. I noted that Penn State did not know that Jerry Sandusky was a “predator” … when they hired him … yes .. I agree that they “covered it up” after he was indeed “discovered” as just that. Sandusky is in prison … Ray Lewis .. is not … I also do not “hide” behind a “fake name” like “9inchheels” or … “toughguy” .. or RAVENSXXX … my name is Rick Needham .. and I will gladly discuss my points in person .. or on this forum, if you (or anyone else) has enough education, or “professionalism” to do that indeed!

  5. Rick, Kevin B., Diane, are you three as stupid as you sound? Just listening to you assclowns tells me you hold jobs as the State Fair Ferris Wheel operator, Heroin Tester, and sex toy seller at the Patapsco Flea Market. You three are like an epileptic on PCP, drugged out of your mind.

    Like the 9inchman said, where were you assclowns when the idiots he mentioned were out roaming the streets?

    Steph, I know you mean well but don’t interject racism into this argument. It’s not about that. You have 3 uneducated assclowns acting stupid.

  6. Lewis is a rambling fool! I don’t want to watch Fox but I may have to now :(

    • Right on bro! Assclowns like Steph and 9 inch will always blame the white devil for all of their problems. Fuck Ray Lewis. The sight of him makes me want to puke.

  7. Thumbs down to ESPN for bringing that murdering piece of ghetto shit Ray Lewis on board countdown.

  8. Goodbye ESPN. ray ‘the murder accomplice ” lewis ends my pregame show watching. What’s next,oj or aaron hernandez?

  9. Tay, P.J. & gsh… Really? Are you that freaking stupid?

    So you bitches whine that Lewis is a murderer but like 9inchman said, Lewis was never convicted. It’s like you asswipes, we all know your on the Colombian Bam Bam and think your doing a community service by giving out handjobs to homeless guys behind Dunkin Donuts but have you ever been convicted of being druggies or indecent exposure.

    You 3 asswipes need to stick to what you are good at, stripping naked, oiling up, and chasing each other around the field while wearing a pig mask.

    • Once again … another “classless” response to comments that you did not agree with. The; purpose of an “educational debate” is to listen to both points of the discussion .. you may indeed be correct with you “opinions” .. but I will not call you an “asshole” … or a “moron” because you disagree with me. And I also .. sign my “real name” – Rick Needham

      • Ok, Rick, let’s say you and your boy Ben Rothlisberger were at a bar and he alledgely rapes someone. Because you were there too, are you a rapist? Let’s say, you, A-Roid and Roger Clemens are in a limo toghter and they are shooting Winstrol into each other’s ass. Because you are in the car, are you a PED user? Rae Carruth is a convicted murderer, Aaron Hernandez may soon be a conviceted murder. OJ Simpson was found innocent of murder but was most likely guilty. Ray Lewis was convicted of obstrction of justice and that’s all. You sound like an intelligent guy. You are just not using your head here. Jamal Lewis is a convicted drug trafficker, yes. I can’t and won’t argue about that. Face the facts. We can debate all night and put your PhD against my GED but the facts are the facts!

        By the way, my real name is Eddie Robinson, no website or anything else…

  10. Rick, ain’t nothing classless about responding to clowns that insinuate a guy is a murderer when there was no evidence to such, plain and simple!

    And Rick Needham, I checked out your site, actually pretty cool and I might be using it.

    But you did give your name so that people would visit your website.

    I still think your blowing smoke and don’t know what your talking about in regards to Lewis.

  11. […] Sunday started on September 8.  I watch ESPN Sunday Countdown and now with Ray Lewis joining Countdown it is obvious his past will be discussed.  In one segment discussing character, primarily as a […]

  12. I will no longer watch this channel period….

  13. Hope the lights don’t go off!

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