It’s a full triceps tear for Ray Lewis. The Baltimore Ravens confirmed on Monday afternoon that their future Hall of Fame linebacker is done for the season.

Despite Lewis’ increasing age and declining speed, his play between the tackles was solid for the Ravens this season. Lewis led the Ravens in tackles in their 31-29 victory over Dallas on Sunday with 14 (8 solo).

While we’re all sad about today’s, I’ll ask the real sad question: Is this it for Ray Lewis? Are his playing days over?

You have to think that at 37 years old, Lewis isn’t going to bounce back from a season ending injury the way that he used to. The 17-year veteran always keeps himself in top-notch shape, but you have to wonder if this injury will be too much for even him to come back from. It’s a sad story if that’s the case.

Although, I can’t imagine Lewis would allow his career to end like this.

More than Lewis’ play at linebacker, the Ravens will certainly miss his leadership on the field. Everyone says he’s like having a coach on the field and I don’t think that’s that’s an understatement.

More than anything, I’ll miss the pre-game dance. Hopefully we haven’t seen it for the last time.