Ray Lewis returns to Ravens locker roomI’m sorry. I know he’s a future Hall of Famer and arguably the greatest linebacker of all time, but I can’t give Ray Lewis a free pass for bailing on his teammates to rehab his injured triceps.

I may be alone in this opinion, Matt Lund disagreed with me on this week’s BSR Podcast (around 1:08:20), and I can understand why some would make different rules for Lewis.

I just wouldn’t personally.

Regardless, Ray Lewis graced the Baltimore Ravens with his presence today, hugging teammates, talking with coach John Harbaugh and just doing the things that Ray Lewis does. There was likely some dancing to Hot In Herre and a motivational speech as well.

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  1. …and at least 5-6 “bottom lines”.

  2. This is the same team attitude that got Billick fired.

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