The Baltimore Ravens unlikely overtime win over the Chargers on Sunday would have never happened without one of the best displays of mid-field running you’ll ever see. Down 13-10, Ray Rice caught a short pass in the middle of the field on 4th and 29. With a little help from Anquan Boldin, Rice dodged seven defenders and helped move the chains to eventually setup Justin Tucker’s game tying field goal.

GIF after the bump.

Ray Rice converts on 4th and 29

I’ll admit, I thought the game was over before the ball was snapped on 4th and 29, when Joe Flacco threw a dumpoff pass to Rice, I never dreamed the Ravens would leave San Diego victorious.

Lesson learned. Never doubt Ray Rice.

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  1. Very well written post.

  2. amazing conversion !! i practically pee’d myself watching it happen.

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