Ray Rice press conference - Baltimore Ravens

Well… I just got done watching one of the most uncomfortable press conferences I’ve ever seen.

For the first time since being arrested in an Atlantic City casino for assaulting his then fiancee (now wife), Janay Palmer, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice spoke to the media about the “incident”. The press conference was emotional, Rice choked up several times throughout, but I can’t say it’ll improve his tarnished image.

Rice started by apologizing to Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, to his fans and “the kids”. Oddly omitted from that list: his wife.

Rice paused several times throughout the interview, scrolling throw notes he had written in his iPhone. He had since mid-February to prepare for this press conference.

The press conference concluded with Janay apologizing for her “role” in the “incident”, which wasn’t well received by some in the national media.

He continued to say that he wasn’t a failure and will work his way back up. He thanked his friends, family and agent.