If you own an authentic Ray Rice jersey, the Baltimore Ravens will take it off your hands and replace it for you as part of their recently announced exchange program. Fans can bring their Nike or Reebok jerseys to M&T Bank Stadium on Friday September 19 or Saturday September 20 from 8 AM to 3 PM to swap it for for another available player’s.

The Ravens haven’t done much of anything right when it comes to handling Rice’s situation, but this is a good move for fans to move past Rice and look toward the future. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people — and I mean A LOT of people — that are criticizing the Ravens for holding this exchange.

Here’s just a small sampling of the comments on the team’s official Facebook page.

Ravens fans react to Ray  Rice jersey exchange

The Ravens will offer an exchange for Ray  Rice... - Baltimore Ravens

These comments are not only disturbing, but make it hard for anyone to want to associate themselves with other Ravens fans.