Chuck PaganoChuck Pagano’s emotional postgame speech to his victorious Colts on Sunday grabbed headlines around the sports world. The former Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator and current Indy head coach is battling leukemia. The video of his speech particularly touched some of the Ravens players that he coached during his time in Baltimore.

Though Pagano worked on the other side of the ball, running back Ray Rice talked about how much Pagano meant to the team during his tenure with the Ravens.

“Chuck Pagano is one of the greatest men I’ve ever met in my life,” Rice said in an interview with the NFL Network on Thursday. “Them guys played for Chuck. When he wanted something, he got it,” Rice added.

“To see what he’s going through and the way his team is responding, it’s something that the league can look at.”

Andrew Luck and many other Colts players have shaved their heads to support their head coach. For the first time in Ravens history, Baltimore has good reason to cheer for Indy.

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  2. It’s funny, alot and I mean alot of Ravens players have spoke glowingly of Pagano and Rex Ryan when they were coaches with the Ravens.

    However, you will hardly find any Ravens player who speaks highly of Harbaugh. In fact, many Ravens players speak nasty of Harbaugh when they leave Baltimore. And don’t get into it’s the ol player being ticked at his former employer. It’s not like they were traded and pissed they were traded. The players left here via free agency to get away from Harbaugh.

    Look at the other teams who openly talk highly of their head coachs like Mike Tomlin, Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick, Pagano, etc…

    Because of Harbaugh wanting “Yes” men and guys he can control, this team wil not be at .500 or more in the next 3 years because of his needing control. You can see it this year, this team is going downhill. Harbaugh does not want to bring in the veteran that will help the team because of his need for control. The Ravens don’t plug spots with players like a Siragusa, Sam Adams or Woodson. They now get Chucky Brown, some clown named Hedigbo, Cary Williams who couldn’t cover me.

    Look at the linebacking crew… Its a group of no names when this used to be the best group in football!

    Belichick needs a player to help his team out and he goes out and gets Aqib Taleb (sp). Lardarious Webb goes down and we get Chucky Brown.

    And just why isn’t there a true veteran backup QB in case Flacco goes down? No “Super Bowl” predicted team goes into a season without a veteran QB.

    And don’t even start me on this damn dumbass “Doghouse” that Harbaugh has.

    Unfortunately this team is on it’s way down, not up, because of Harbaughs need to control.

  3. I agree.

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