Ray Rice was under-used in Ravens 24-23 loss to the Eagles in week two.It’s easy for the Baltimore Ravens to blame the NFL’s replacement referees for their poor play in week two, but the team shouldn’t be pointing the finger at anyone not donning purple.

Sunday in Philadelphia the Ravens had six situations 3-and-2, 3-and-1 or 4th-and-1. As the Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec points out, they passed all six times and never picked up a first down. How does that happen? The Ravens have two Pro Bowl running backs on their roster.

“With the new temp offense, I’m never going to be the guy,” Ray Rice, who signed a five-year, $40 million deal (which makes him the guy in my mind) said after the game.

Last week, new quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell received all the praise for Joe Flacco’s 299 yard, 2 touchdown reinvention. This week, I’m sure Ravens fans will blame Cam Cameron’s play calling and ignore Flacco’s poor second half play.

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  1. ummmm who is the second pro bowl running back? Ravens didn’t play well, but neither did the eagles, REFs decided who won this one.

    • Wake up man , Leach is a pro-bowl back , he is the best fullback in the NFL , he made the list of the NFLs top 100 players,,,,,,,,,,,,,did I say wake up………………

  2. Not an expert but 16 carries in the last 4 years doesn’t really sound like pro bowl running back material, the man is a blocker first and foremost, give Ray the damn ball!

  3. Cameron is a moron and I’m disappointed Joe didn’t check out of those plays. Vonte Leach and Ray Rice and we decide to throw the ball. I mean SB gave these guys the tools to win on offense and even a kid could call the right plays. Tell top turd Cam to stop out-thinking himself or he’s gonna be without a job next season.

  4. I agree with Dude,,,,,,,,,,this coaching combination of Harbaugh and Cameron will never win a super bowl,,,,,,,,,,,,having said that , Ozzie hasn’t helped much with his picks the past several years,,,,,,,,,,,,,,This defense is actually pitiful , they have not replaced JJ , Suggs and Redding at all , the new draftees have not stepped up and I doubt if they will be ‘coached up ‘ by this staff……………..Ravens do not make the playoffs this year because Harbaugh can’t possibly coach ’em up and the veterans are gone or getting older………………look for a long year/……………

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