While Joe Flacco was dropping back a career high 52 times to throw passes in Seattle, Ravens playmaker Ray Rice found himself involved in just five running plays in the Ravens 22-17 loss to the Seahawks.  Despite being the biggest spark on the Ravens offense, Rice was involved in just 13 plays the entire game and never reached the end zone.

Rice’s involvement in the Ravens offense was questioned by the media and even by Terrell Suggs after the Ravens 12-7 loss against the Jaguars.  He was involved in just 13 plays in that game as well.  Suggs told the media that he was “baffled” by Rice’s lack of involvement in the game plan.

This week Suggs kept quiet and so did Rice. Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times said that Rice apologized and “politely declined” an interview request with him. He “said he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing,” Wilson tweeted.

Wilson later tweeted that Rice’s sideline tirade that was shown on the CBS broadcast was related to his frustration with the game plan.

As I mentioned in my column on the Ravens coaching staff, Ozzie Newsome needs to lay down the law and tell Cameron that Rice has to be more involved in the offense.  It’s killing the team.