Redskins-Ravens face off in week 14
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It’s only Tuesday and already the local rivalry is heating up between Washington Redskins fans and Baltimore Ravens fans. After their victory against the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants on Monday night, Skins fans celebrated like they’d just completed a perfect 16-0 regular season and swept their way through the playoffs to a Super Bowl victory.

My Facebook friends were more unbearable than they were on election day.

Redskins fan Lance Rinker, who blogs at, fired up his webcam and talked some smack about about the D.C.-Baltimore matchup in week 14.

Keep in mind that the Redskins are 6-6, second place in the NFC East. That lovely record would earn them a fourth place spot in the AFC North.

I can understand the ‘Skins fans excitement though. They have a terrible owner, a bad stadium and have been in the postseason just twice in the last 12 years. I like RGIII — he’s been fun to watch — but the Ravens are the clear favorites in this matchup.

Why can’t hockey just start so Baltimore and Washington can agree to love one team?

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  1. This has got to be the silliest thing ever. A single person doesn’t speak for a whole fan-base. That being said, a buddy of mine put it best: “Someone asked me what Redskins fans thought of Ravens fans.”

    Simply put, we don’t.

  2. Does this dude have braces?

  3. What, in the past 10 years or so the 4 Skins have had a piss poor team and now they have one very good player and think they are super bowl champs lol. Hey 4 Skins fans, lets see where you RG3 is in about 4 years. Well I can tell you, in the trash heap of NFL history. Next year he wont be doing what he’s been doing this year beacuse of all the film they will have on him ,or he wil be hurt from taking a hit from running to much. Joe has been in the playoffs every year he has been in the NFL. I don’t see this from RG3.

  4. You know he’s taking less hits than most QBs right? It’s OK, keep regurgitating the stuff they say about how he is a running QB, blah blah blah. When he runs it’s always calculated and he’s really getting out of bounds lately. Manning took more hits than him last night.

    Also, to minimize what he’s done this year is just being flat-out ridiculous. Look where he ranks in every REAL passing category. He’s one of the most ACCURATE passers in the NFL. This includes Manning and Brady. Guess where he ranks in INTS? That’s right, tied for first with Brady.

    Now, I’m realistic about the Skins chances and team this year, but saying RG3 is going to suck because teams suddenly have film on him is just stupid. Giants had film, how’d that work out?

  5. The Intimidator

    Ben, Agree with you, I got film of me and your girlfriend and it ain’t doing me any good.

    You sound like the drunk Uncle at Thanksgiving Ben who strips down to his underwear, carries a spatula around the house chanting “USA”, “USA”, over and over again.

    • Mr. The Intimidator (if that IS your real name):

      A few things:
      1) My wife is a very lovely lady. Just because she’s in a few adult films with random guys/girls is none of anyone’s business.
      2) The guy in the video is a total douche-nozzle. Again, doesn’t represent all Skins fans.
      4) It’s not a spatula, it’s a giant board, Hacksaw Jim Duggan-style.
      5) Stay classy. I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

      <3 you.

  6. The Intimidator

    Ben… “The” is my first name and “Intimidator” is my last name. My middle name is “F_ _ _ing”…

    So, the wife is in adult films? Again, I don’t mind her in them with me but Ron Jeremy? Come on! That guy is a dirt bag! She’s better than that!

    Remember this… The Intimidator calls it as he see’s it… Your on the list buddy…

  7. It’s you’re, but I had to come back and say good game.


    Still love you all. Hugs and kisses.

    • Ben,

      Congrats to the Skins. It seems that the area teams are moving in opposite directions, Skins trending, Ravens scuffling.

      Hope RG3 is OK. That’s the danger you face with a running QB.

      Ravens will be there at the end of the season. Probably go 10-6, win a playoff game, then lose to a better team.. It’s a Holiday Tradition like hanging stockings, decorating the tree, etc.

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