The Ravens lost a Pro Bowl guard in Ben Grubbs this offseason and looked to replace him with the best free agent available, Evan Mathis.

Before signing a five-year, $25 million deal with the Eagles, Mathis met with the Ravens and told that Baltimore offered him a “nice deal” and even went as far to see that “it’s a good fit.”  But it didn’t work out.

As Aaron Wilson points out in his article over at 24×7, Mathis was ranked as the best guard in the NFL last season by Pro Football Focus.  So where do the Ravens go from here?

Wilson thinks that they could shift tackle Jah Reid over to guard.  At 6′ 7″, he’s taller than your average guard and didn’t see much game action last season.

Jeff Zrebiec of The Sun says that it would be a “risky move” to replace a Pro Bowl guard with a young untested player from a different position.  He sees the Ravens signing at least one free agent offensive lineman and bringing in a couple during the upcoming NFL draft.

I’ve got agree.  I don’t think the Ravens losses this offseason have been as horrible as the fan base has made them out to be.  Grubbs left behind the biggest hole on this roster by far and I’m not confident enough to move Reid over to fill that gap.