Though the 2011 season is just two months old, it’s never too early to look to the future.  That’s exactly what a number of baseball analysts have done this week, as Danny Knobler of CBS Sports predicts that the Orioles are looking to spend this offseason and their target is none other than free agent first baseman Prince Fielder.

Fans have tied the Orioles to Prince Fielder for a few seasons, hoping that the club could either put together a deal for the big slugger or go after him on the free agent market this season.  Skeptics will point to the O’s recent history in the free agent market, but 2011 looks to be perfect for the club to let loose and bring Fielder to Baltimore.

Unlike their neighbors, the Nationals, Baltimore acquired their free agent first baseman, Derrek Lee, to a one year contract as opposed to Washington who signed Adam LaRoche to a two year deal.  Fortunately for the O’s, the big targets in the AL East, the Yankees and Red Sox, already have their first baseman locked up in Mark Teixeira and Adrian Gonzalez.

Knobler also writes that he believes Fielder will not resign with the Brewers next season.  “Fielder is almost certainly a lame duck with the Brewers, who elected to keep him for a run at a championship this year but are extreme longshots for a deal that would keep him away from free agency after the season,” he wrote. points out that the Orioles will have over $18 million coming off their books in 2012 before accounting for players making the league minimum.  It’s estimated that Fielder will be looking for at least $22 million per season in a multi-year deal.  The O’s did reportedly go over their budgeted payroll this season when they signed DH Vladimir Guerrero to a one year, $8 million deal.

The Baltimore Sun reported last offseason that the club has already been in contact with Fielder in “normal conversation.”

Time will tell, but for now, it certainly is exciting to think about the Prince in Oriole orange cranking balls out on to Eutaw Street.

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  1. Do not forget about the Blue Jays, they will be in the running for Fielder and have the payroll flexibility to pay him what ever he wants. The Jays may also out bid Baltimore because it would stop Baltimore from getting better. From Fielder’s point of view he would also get to go play with Jose Bautista in a park where it is easier to hit bombs.

  2. Here are Fielder’s comps through age 26. They are actually much better than I was expecting. I’m unsure why but I kept expecting to see Sexton pop-up.

    Darryl Strawberry
    Eddie Murray
    Juan Gonzalez
    Jose Canseco
    Mark Teixeira
    Kent Hrbek
    Will Clark
    Adam Dunn
    Jim Rice
    Greg Luzinski

  3. @Andrew – I haven’t looked at any handedness breakdowns but OPCY and Rodgers Center are really similar in terms of raw HR Park Factors over a several year sample.

  4. STOP! Just stop already!

    All this does is get the Baltimore fans hopes up only to be squashed by Angelos, McFail or even the player himself…

    Remember all the articles years past of Baltimore getting Texiera, Victor Martinez, Paul Konerko, etc…

    And it happens every year because of these 9 reasons:

    1. Angelos won’t pony up the money
    w. Angelos jumps in at the 11th hour so he can say they tried
    6. Angelos wants 5 doctors to check the guy out
    2. McFail is too slow
    R. McFail will undercut the guy with his initial offer
    11. The player doesn’t want to come here
    9. The player wants to win
    f. McFail tries the bandaid approach 1st and most players are then gone

    Fielder will not be in Baltimore. If the Cubs cannot get Pujols then will then toss a load of money at Fielder.

    And seriously folks, do you really want Fielder? He’s a huge dude that will wear out quickly as he gets older plus the Baltimore humidity will tear him up…

  5. As a Brewers fan, I’ll be sorry to see him go. Prince hustles, has a lot of heart and is a real team leader.

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