Even during a lockout Rex Ryan finds ways to make headlines.  For Baltimore fans, it’s another shot at his former team the Baltimore Ravens.  Ryan’s book, Play Like you Mean It: Passion, Laughs and Leadership in the World’s Most Beautiful Game, details a “major chip” on his shoulder from the Ravens organization.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated took snippets from Rex Ryan’s book in which Ryan gives his opinion as to why he didn’t receive the Ravens coaching job.

In the book, Ryan says one of the reasons he thinks he didn’t get the Ravens coaching job when Brian Billick was fired after the 2007 season is because Ryan told owner Steve Bisciotti that Billick had lost the team. Ryan says in the book he thought that was a disloyal act. He says many nice things about the Ravens in the book, and has said many of them to me over the years too.

Ryan told King that not getting the job in Baltimore “drives” him and that the team “never thought” he could do the job.