Conflicting reports have surfaced as to why Derrick Mason ended up signing with the New York Jets.  If you ask me, I think Tony Lombardi is absolutely right in his reports that the Ravens never made Mason an offer.  The 37 year old veteran took the league minimum for a veteran, $910,000, in New York, if the Ravens matched that offer I think he would have stayed here in Baltimore.

Rex Ryan told reporters that the Jets “didn’t win the financial battle, but he [Mason] wanted to be here.”  If that’s the case, then maybe Mason was upset with Baltimore for cutting him and then trying to sign Malcom Floyd.  The Ravens had their hands tied as they had just over $3 million in cap room to work with this season.

“I have nothing against Baltimore.  It’s just that this was the right place,” Mason told reporters.  “Why not come here with the big fella and try to win a championship,” he asked.

I’m of the belief that Harbaugh is looking to start fresh in the locker room without sacrificing too many wins or too much talent.  By dropping Todd Heap, Derrick Mason, Willis McGahee and Kelly Gregg, the Ravens aren’t just dropping salary, they are dropping pre-Harbaugh players and guys that may not have fit in his system.  Just look at how Harbaugh used Heap over the past two seasons.