At this point is seems all but a forgone conclusion that Orioles  lead-off hitter Brian Roberts will be put on the disabled list after straining an abdominal muscle while stealing second base in Friday’s home opener.  Our own Matt Sadler was privy to a mini press conference with O’s GM Andy MacPhail during MASN’s blogger day.   According to Sadler, MacPhail basically said that the club will make a decision on Roberts on Monday, but with the long road trip ahead a trip to the DL is likely as the team cannot afford to be a man down for a significant portion of the trip.

This along with the Orioles finding new ways to lose seemingly every day has to leave fans wondering “what’s next?”  This stretch of baseball was tough without having to use Felix Pie in the lead-off spot and Julio Lugo as the starting second baseman.  At least in previous years the Orioles have started out well enough to tease us.  This year has been a huge letdown from the beginning for fans (myself included) expecting a more enjoyable brand of baseball.  Even with low expectations disappointment still stings.  There seem to be no quick fixes for the Orioles.  The starting pitching has for the most part done it’s job, but the offense has shown few signs of life and the continued implosions sucked the life right out of the opening week of the season.