For a guy that put his head through windshield in a motorcycle accident, Ben Roethlisberger sure does know how to crank up the dramatics when it comes to injuries.

Roethlisberger suffered a foot injury mid-way through last Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills, but continued to play and even rushed for 18 yards on a crucial 3rd and 17 in the 4th quarter. Earlier this week Mike Preston called out Roethlisberger for his antics earlier this week.

I can understand why Roethlisberger might not want to play. He will be missing his two starting offensive tackles, and I don’t think the Steelers can handle the pressure the Ravens will bring. But we all know that Big Ben will play. He’ll get the ankle taped, take a pain killer and then play.

But until then, there will be a lot of drama from the Drama King all week. It wouldn’t be a Pittsburgh/Baltimore week without Roethlisberger trying to grab attention by playing the injury card.

Yesterday, the attention grab continued. “It hurts because it’s my plant foot, my right foot,” Roethlisberger said. “”I’ll find a way to make it happen.”

Give me a break, can’t the guy just take the field without building himself up as some miracle story? I guess it makes him look better after he gets thrown to the ground a few times by the Ravens defense.