Roger Goodell shouldn't bring back locked out refereesIf you think for a second that Roger Goodell really cares about what you or the players think of the performance of the NFL’s replacement referees, you’re off your rocker. The fact that I’m writing this article, that you’re tweeting your complaints, calling sports talk radio shows or watching coverage of this circus that the league has become is proof enough that the NFL is in control.

Remember that the NFL, like all forms of television and radio broadcasting, is entertainment. And right now the story of their terrible officials is not only driving up ratings, but it’s also saving the league money by continuing to keep their regular referees off the field during a labor dispute.

Get off your high horse for a second. If you really cared about the integrity of the NFL, you would have been far more concerned by yesterday’s news that the NFL has resisted putting a concussion expert on the sidelines despite requests from players, than the errors by replacement officials. People don’t care about the integrity of the league, they stand up and shout when their team is affected by what’s currently going on.

And don’t say you’re going to stop watching football because Roger and I both know you aren’t. You’re going to continue to talk about what’s frustrating you and tune in every Thursday, Sunday and Monday (Saturday when that happens too) to get more riled up.

Watching people compare the NFL to pro wrestling is hilarious to me. That’s exactly what it is. Only sixty minutes a week are real, the other six days and 23 hours are full of meaningless banter and promotion for upcoming match (or ‘game’ in football’s case).

If I were calling the shots, these Foot Locker referees would be making mistakes all season long. What’s it going to hurt? The NFL is a business and I’m sure that ad sales are at an all-time high.