Following a disappointing performance from their rookie wide receivers, the Baltimore Ravens are rumored to have jumped in on heated trade talks with Buffalo Bills wide receiver Lee Evans.  The rumored report, from the legendary and strangely accurate Incarcerated Bob on Twitter, shows that Baltimore is in with the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals.

It was speculated that Evans could be cut by the Bills as he is the odd man out in a crowded receiving corps in Buffalo, but reports now indicate that the Bills are looking to get something for the 30 year old veteran.

According to, Evans has informed his teammates in Buffalo that “he believes he’s going to get dealt.”  Hopefully Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens can work out a deal.  As I pointed out this morning, the Ravens offense needs another weapon as are very one dimensional heading in to this season.


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  1. Jim from Dundalk

    It doesn’t matter who the receivers are , the o-line will not allow time for a passing game , period…………

    Ozzie has let this team down once again………

  2. Zach Wilt – Get your facts straight – Lee Evans would not be cut – he is still the Bills #1 reciever. Holly cow!

  3. Jim from Dundalk

    Lee Evans is a nice receiver but Joe still needs time to throw the rock……………get a veteran LT and move Oher to RT……….and please get a decent corner , Carr is not your answer,,,,,,,,,,,

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