Canada native Geddy Lee, Rush’s lead singer and a noted Blue Jays fan, donned an Orioles shirt during his concert in Baltimore on Tuesday night. Has Lee given up on the Jays after their disappointing 13-21 start? Or is he just making the hometown crowd happy?

Geddy Lee wears an Orioles shirt

I can’t imagine Baltimore fans would wear Blue Jays garb in Toronto, but Canadians are typically pretty friendly people.

After their flashy offseason, Jays fans were expecting to being cruising atop the AL East at this point in the year. Maybe Geddy Lee decided to jump on the Orioles bandwagon.

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  1. The media blows. He hasn’t given up on the Blue Jays. He was just making the hometown crowd happy, that’s all. He’s a HUGE baseball fan which means he’s a fan of the Orioles too !

  2. As for this article he’s wearing a jersey for a town he’s playing in… because entertainers never do that? No lets just jump on the Jays hate bandwagon. If you give up with 130 games still left in the season you’re not much of a fan to begin with. Geddy Lee loves Toronto, you’re just making stuff up now.

  3. Or maybe that audience made him hundreds of thousands of dollars that night, and he had to wear the stupid Jersey. 😛

  4. Or maybe Geddy is just a darn cool guy!! I’ll go with that! :)

  5. Geddy has been a Blur Jays fan since the start so I sure he was just being nice to fans of Baltimore

  6. Didn’t Geddy sing his country’s National Anthem at the ASG in Baltimore – 20 years ago iirc.

  7. Maybe Geddy wants to root for a “Major League” team instead of that band of misfits up in Toronto. Remember when the Blow Jays were going to “run away” with the A.L. East? Remember when they all but sewed up the A.L. World Series appearance back in February?

  8. Zach, funny you ain’t!

    Everyone (except Zach) knows Geddy is a huge baseball fan.

    But I’m a Cubs fan.. what do I know?

  9. come on folks, it’s a lighthearted jab, I saw the show which kicked but btw, he wears all sorts of crazy t-shirts during the shows!

  10. Geddy has always done this. He’s a baseball fan, period. I live in Cleveland and he’s donned Indians gear before. It was a nice gesture to show support to Baltimore fans during the concert.

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