Steelers’ safety Ryan Clark made a few friends in Baltimore after his recent tweet about Ray Lewis’ retirement. Clark, who trains with Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs during the offseason, called out Pittsburgh fans who ripped Lewis for being investigated for murder following a Super Bowl party in 2000.

Clark received a number of responses from Steelers’ fans for his tweets and even went as far as to say some were being “hypocritical fans“.

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  1. face facts lewis got away with murder ,no one doubts that, clark needs to go, he is a dirty playe as lewis is , steelers dont need him! an take haley with you

    • Bill may kow alot about cleaning toilets but Bill don’t know shit about football….

  2. Bill? Assclown? Really? You know assclown, most people wait until they are at least 80 before they start saying stupid shit and shitting their pants. I see you decided to start early in life… And whats the deal? You pissed because you got caught fondling your uncle under the dining room table?

    BTW, If I hurt your feelings by calling you an assclown I apologize, I thought you already knew…

  3. Bill,
    How are you going to say Lewis is a dirty player when you have by far one of the dirtiest in the league on your team. Harrison. Give respect when it’s due.

  4. The Intimidator

    9Incher… Just look at Assclown Bills writing, you can see the guy never made it past 4th grade. He might be a lawyer though now because you can see he has a way with words.

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