We have seen him before, he is Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog. Besides being Jeff Pilson’s arch-nemesis, he knows the Jets very well. Here are some of his thoughts on the game.

I think it is fair to say the Jets had an effective offense at times but never truly dynamic. based on what you have seen so far, will they be effective on Monday night?
If they can get into a rhythm throwing the ball, I think they very well could be. The Ravens defense is so strong up front and weakened in the secondary right now, the Jets have to do their best to take advantage of that fact. I think that for the Jets this game should come down to how Mark Sanchez plays. If he has multiple fumbles of the ball or interceptions, then that will be really hard for this offense to overcome. Between Cotchery, Edwards, Keller and LaDainian, Sanchez should have enough options to work the edges of this defense in the passing game, but it’s how he executes that will make the difference.

Let’s say you were Cam Cameron. How would you attack the Jets defense?
Like the Ravens, the Jets have an effective front seven. Believe it or not, I’d test the secondary early. How ready is Revis for gametime? How effective can Cromartie really be now that the bullets are real, especially with Brodney Pool likely not to play the game at free safety? How will Kyle Wilson do now that he’s been bumped back into the slot, a spot he’s not totally comfortable with? The Ravens have three solid receivers, and they should work the short options against the slot receiver and try to work Tight Ends on Jason Taylor … that to me right now is where the defense is the weakest.

How do the Jets win this game?
By containing Ray Rice in the run and pass. I like the Ravens receivers, but it seems without Stallworth there’s no one to rip the top off the defense in that group. On offense, it’s by playing a possession style passing game to move the chains and get into the red zone.

With the general familiarity between Rex and the Ravens, does either side have a definite advantage?
That’s hard to say. I think that offensively, both sides will know what the other defense by and large is going to do to them, so it could be some help there. Both teams will probably try the traditional counters to the zone-blitz … play action, screen plays, short passing, etc. to keep the other side honest.

Which no-name player is going to have the biggest impact?
I’ll give you two. WR Brad Smith and LG Matt Slauson. I think that Smith will have a big role against the Ravens, since the Jets are really thin at WR right now, Smith is a core special teamer, and the team likes to use him on single-wing and option running plays

Slauson is a second year player for the Jets, who played for Jets OL Coach Bill Callahan at Nebraska. Slauson won the starting job over King Ugly runner up and second rounder Vlad Ducasse, and who I would imagine that stout Ravens line will try to exploit all night to get to Mark Sanchez.

Ngata, Ryan and Ducasse all go to the Phillips All You Can Eat Buffet, does the restaurant survive?
If we add Kris Jenkins (Maryland native) into the mix? I don’t think so. Big Jinx has extolled his love of Maryland Blues many a time. Maybe without Jenkins they close the place to other guests and call in some backup and limp along for a few days.