According to tweets by Aaron Wilson, it looks like the judge presiding over the Sergio Kindle Drunk Driving case was impressed with the progress has made so far. The judge rejected the 31 day recommendation by the state and instead sentenced him to the 5 days he has already served. In addition, Kindle is required to continue his treatment and also refrain from alcohol.

Now that he is free, it remains to be seen what will happen to him as far as the league and the Ravens are concerned. Earlier this week, Ozzie Newsome made comments that hinted that Kindle still has a future with the Ravens

“Well, Sergio has made a lot of progress from the time he fell down the stairs,” Newsome said tonight during a conference call with season ticket holders. “Right now, it’s still in medical hands. We are very optimistic that there may be an opportunity for him to get back on the field. When will that happen? We’re not sure. We’re very optimistic that Sergio will get back on the field at some point.”

The league will likely have something to say about Kindle if and when the lockout ends. It’s hard to imagine that Goodell will levy anything more than a 3-4 game suspension.

Do you think that Kindle has turned a corner? Will he ever be a impact player for the Ravens?