Don’t act surprised.  

Ravens defense tackle Sergio Kindle has found himself in yet another legal issue.  This time he will be subpoenaed as he is being sued by the U.S. Bank’s Nashville division for failing to pay $130,218.37 in loans.

Brandon Gee of The Tennessean discussed the story with the U.S. Bank’s attorney on the case, Worrick Robinson, who told him that Kindle will be subpoenaed during the Ravens trip to Nashville this weekend.

“I’m not comfortable going into the specifics of it,” Robinson told Gee.  “But it’s very typical for high draft picks to take out loans for various purposes including workouts, trainers, specialty chefs, vehicles and other expenses leading up to the draft.”

The Ravens drafted Kindle with their first pick in 2010, but haven’t seen him on field due to a fractured skull he suffered falling down two sets of stairs before last year’s training camp.  Since that time, Kindle has also pleaded guilty on drunken driving charges last season.  That was his second DUI.