Here’s a shocker.  The Jets will “definitely” consider signing Peyton Manning when he is officially released by the Colts today.

You mean to tell me that the Jets, who targeted every big name free agent after the lockout was lifted last offseason, are looking to bring in this year’s most talked about name?  Stunning.  I couldn’t be more surprised.

An unnamed source told the New York Post that Rex Ryan and the Jets are looking to shake up their franchise this offseason.

As Erin Silva of points out, the Jets owe Mark Sanchez $8.5 million this season and a $2.75 million roster bonus on March 27.  That’s way too much money for a backup QB, which means that if Rexy and the Jets are serious about bringing in Peyton, Sanchez will hit the market this offseason too.

Can’t wait to see #RexRyan go full throttle after Peyton Manning, find out he can’t afford him and then start spinning how he loves Sanchez.
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Yeah, me neither.

Remember when we wanted Rex Ryan as the Ravens head coach?