The Orioles search for a new General Manager just got a little bit easier as current skipper Buck Showalter will not take over Andy MacPhail’s duties in the front the office.  USA Today’s Bob Nightengale tweeted that there is “no chance” that Showalter will make the move upstairs from the dugout. He added that Buck “loves managing, and plans to stay put.”

Whatever you think of the job Andy MacPhail has done in Baltimore (my opinion in well documented), given the choice between moving a proven manager upstairs and keeping the current GM, I say keep the GM.  That’s not a slam against Showalter, but it’s my belief that consistency in the front office is important for any franchise.  I also don’t want to take away one of the pieces that works in Showalter and make the risky move of putting him in an increased role.

The Orioles should be more focused on their player development in the minor leagues and international scouting than worrying about a new GM.  No matter who has been at the top the Orioles farm system has underperformed for years despite the talent that has come through it.  The young pitching failed this season and that all cannot be blamed on Andy MacPhail.