Take it for whatever it’s worth, but @HotStoveCubbies on Twitter is reporting that the Orioles are “stepping up efforts” to get Matt Garza and Alfonso Soriano in the same deal.  Both players will be highly sought after targets at the deadline.

It’s no secret that the Orioles are interested in strengthening their rotation and Garza would do more than just that — he would be a true number one.

While Soriano’s baggage may drive some crazy, he could be a flashy addition to the Orioles outfield.  I get the feeling that the Birds don’t think Nolan Reimold is coming back or are done waiting for him to get healthy.

Both of these moves make sense to me.  The question is: what will it cost?

Would they be willing to part ways with Zach Britton, Chris Tillman, Xavier Avery and/or L.J. Hoes?  You’ve got to think a package would include at least a couple of those guys.

I don’t play GM.  I didn’t think that Jason Hammel would be better than Jeremy Guthrie, so don’t ask me to make a mock trade.  Go listen to local sports talk if you want to hear dumb acquisitions simulated by fans.

But what I do know is that Garza will not come cheap.  Adding Soriano in the mix could make this move an epic blockbuster.