He wasn’t perfect but he gave his team a chance to win, and they didn’t get the job done. Enough said!

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  1. Let’s quantify the Ravens stupidity… 1. Relying on receivers you haven’t relied on all year.. I mean, why is it the Lee Evans Show, all of the sudden?…

    2. Why not kick the 51 yarder?.. If for no other reason than not saying to your kicker…”You’re not the guy,” only to have to say “you ARE the guy” a few moments later?..

    3. Delaware State?.. Come on!..

    4. Getting away from the running game on the Flacco INT drive.. Williams and Rice were gashing the Pats defense in the 2nd half, and it looked like they were ready to succumb to the Ravens, and then a straight drop back on 1st down, and a throw into heavy coverage..

    Shall I go on, or have you pompous asses learned your lesson about slinging around words like “stupidity?..

    • Drew,

      Thanks for coming back. I still wonder whether you would be here had the Ravens pulled it off, but we’ll never know.

      Just because you were angered that the writers described some of what the Texans did as “stupid” doesn’t mean they are pompous or arrogant. I thinking much the same way, they have criticized the Ravens play calling at times, as I expect they will over the next few days. It’s called being objective.

      Go back and read some of the older posts and I think you’ll see what I mean.

  2. Flacco or not…Rice or not…Lee Evans or not…Cameron Cameron or not…The “offense” put up just 20 points against a mediocre defense and that simply wasn’t good enough…Inability to score TD after the fumble recovery is what did it for me…But no one should be surprised after lack-luster “offensive” performances in so many games this season (yes, even in the Wins)…Can’t fire everyone, so lets please start with the “Offensive” Coordinator.

  3. Sadler,

    Can we make Norv Turner, err, Marty Schottenheimer, err John Harbaugh our scapegoat?

    We are, once again, the second best team in the AFC. Funny thing is, the best team in the AFC keeps changing. So we build a team to beat Pittsburgh…great! Now the new nemesis is New England. Before that we had Indy.

    Always second fiddle, I guess.

    But hey, let’s raise our “4 years in row” playoff banner and say how much better they are than our baseball team.

  4. Look out for the Bengals next year as they will be the team to beat……….They now have an all-pro Q-back and the Ravens do not,,,,,,,,,,yes that is right Andy Dalton was just named an all pro and is going to Hawaii , this adds insult to injury right after Joe has a true all-pro game in the playoffs and Dalton is a rookie……….salt to the wound………

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