It’s tough to doubt Sports Illustrated’s Peter King after he successfully predicted the Super Bowl matchup last season.  This year King has once again looked into his crystal ball and sees the Atlanta Falcons winning it all against the San Diego Chargers, 24-20.

King has predicted a few interesting story lines on the path to Super Bowl XLVI.  He sees the New England Patriots winning the AFC East, while the New York Jets take an AFC Wild Card and fail to win a single playoff game.  He also sees the Detroit Lions making their first playoff appearance since 1999 as a Wild Card in the NFC.

As for the Ravens, King predicts they will finish 10-6 just behind the Pittsburgh Steelers who will win the division with an identical record.  He believes that Baltimore will win the AFC’s other Wild Card and will take down the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Wild Card Round (20-17), the New England Patriots in the Divisional Round (23-21), but will fall to the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Championship game (22-16).