The Ravens were one play away from playing this Sunday in Indianapolis.  All Lee Evans has to do is fall down with the ball and it’s a Super Bowl 35 not a Super Bowl 42 rematch.

But Evans dropped the ball and Billy Cundiff missed a 32-yard field goal that killed the Ravens chances of sending the AFC Championship to overtime.  It still stings just typing it.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti met with the media for his annual State of the Ravens press conference and even he acknowledged the painful loss.  “I’m not over it,” he said.  “Hold onto a ball. I mean that’s where it was this year.”

After reading the quotes and watching the press conference I’ve come to the conclusion that Bisciotti and the Ravens front office really believe that this is a championship caliber team.  Bisciotti is content with this coaching staff and the talent on the field.  He believes in Cam Cameron and thinks Joe Flacco will win multiple rings.

Fans may criticize the Ravens for sticking with Cameron after watching Flacco’s numbers take a dip this season, but Bisciotti has indicated that a change at offensive coordinator would be a transition that a team this close can’t afford.

We can judge that plan this time next season.  It’s often hard to replicate a season in the NFL, but that’s what Ozzie Newsome and Ravens ownership have decided to try in 2012.