Steve Bisciotti shares a warm embrace with Ray Lewis
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You might have missed it — or maybe I’m just interpreting it wrong — but Steve Bisciotti’s comment to Jim Nantz after he was handed the Lamar Hunt Trophy definitely grabbed my attention last night.

“[It’s a] great, great feeling,” Bisciotti said. “And I was hoping that you’d be up here to present it to me.”


Ravens fans always feel that broadcasters have an unfair bias against their team, but I usually chalk it up to their purple tinted glasses. However, Michael Hiestand of USA Today reports that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and owner Robert Kraft attended Nantz’s wedding at Pebble Beach last summer.

Was Bisciotti alluding to that? He could have just meant that he was happy to be receiving the trophy.

Either way, Bisciotti thanked Kraft and his family and called him one of the best owners in the league. Which is true. Did his comment to Nantz mean more though?

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  1. I took it as sincere.
    The more interesting question is where does Stevie tan? Does he have a monthly pass?

  2. I bet he has his own tanning booth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Him and I tan in the Intimdator’s back yard.  Spy hold the tanning lamp in one hand and the Intimidator’s junk in the other.

  4. Spy is multi-talented…

    • @Intimidator
       Multi talented and many names…..  Have you ever seen Spy and Mystery Man at the same time?
      I thought I saw those 2 in Turners Station but I was running too fast to notice.  Thought I saw them at Gail’s.  Spy’s face was buried in the sandbox and Mystery man’s face was buried in Spy’s lap!

    • @Intimidator it looks like we all have talent to spare………………

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