It was Steve Tolleson’s three-run bomb off of Cliff Lee that helped the Orioles eventually secure a series win against the Phillies in Baltimore.  The scrappy utility guy came through for the Birds and could have secured his roster spot as Brian Roberts returns to the O’s today.

Six innings after Tolleson’s homer, Matt Wieters drove in Adam Jones in Baltimore’s second straight walk-off victory.  Tolleson praised Jones’ leadership in a postgame interview with MLB Network Radio.

“There are very few superstars in this game,” he said.  “To be 26-years-old and play the way he plays, there’s not many players like him.  In the clubhouse he’s a leader and on the field he really leads by example.  He plays hard, runs every single ball out, never wants a day off and you can can’t get the bat out of his hands.”

Jones legged out an infield single in the bottom of the fifth and reached third on Matt Wieters single later in the inning.  In the tenth Jones made it safely to first on an error by Phillies third baseman Ty Wiggington and scored the game winner when Matt Wieters delivered a shot off the right field wall.

” That’s the kind of person you want to build your organization around.”

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