Joe Flacco's issues now a national concern
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There’s nothing more annoying than a journalist who plays the “I told you so” game. Since I don’t consider myself a journalist — I’m a blogger — I feel that I’m exempt from this rule.

Two weeks ago, I highlighted some of Joe Flacco’s problems in the Ravens narrow victory over the Steelers on Sunday Night Football. “Flacco will be looking for top-10 quarterback money, but has he played like a top-10 quarterback,” I asked.

I was slammed for even asking the question.

Last week in San Diego, I keyed in on Flacco’s inability to throw downfield. He was constantly under-throwing Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin and audibled into an overloaded defensive line twice.

I got emails from people telling me to stop trying to be like Skip Bayless.

This week, Flacco’s ineptitude led to the Baltimore Ravens first home loss in 15 games. The Ravens QB was outperformed by 37 year old backup Charlie Batch. Suddenly, the national media is noticing Flacco trending in the wrong direction. Ashley Fox of wrote a lengthy piece about Flacco’s flaws after his lousy performance against the Steelers.

Flacco can be ordinary, and in this day and age, ordinary doesn’t win the Super Bowl. Extraordinary does.

After the game, Flacco said he felt like the Ravens “could have put up 30 or 40 points today,” and he was right. They had their opportunities playing against a Steelers defense that got safety Troy Polamalu back but was missing linebacker LaMarr Woodley and was without cornerback Ike Taylor after the first series of the game.

My main concern with Flacco is his contract. The Ravens can’t afford to pay him like a top-ten quarterback when they’re getting mediocrity. And comparing him to Trent Dilfer is ridiculous. Dilfer was under center for a team that had arguably one of the best defenses in the history of the game. That isn’t the case anymore.

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  1. Who cares about national media idiots? People who know the team have been criticizing him all season. Don’t pat yourself on the back.

  2. I’ve been saying this for two seasons. Flacco is mediocore at best and can’t win games when it couts. We have 9 wins dispite Flacco not because of him.

  3. Joe Flacco has been widely criticized for years. He also has his defenders. In other words, exactly what you would expect for a quarterback with his middle-of-the-pack performance. But I agree that the main concern is his contract. Right now he gets paid what he’s worth. The last thing in the world the Ravens want to do is follow the Jets example with Mark Sanchez.

  4. If Flacco hits the open market- who is going to sign him and for how much? I can’t imagine any team throwing top 10 QB money at him. I think he should get a contract similar to Alex Smith. If you give him too much money you will be sacrificing too much. Too many teams already have good quarterbacks, or young quarterbacks who they want to play. Plus there should be a few qbs who come out of college this year who could start right away.

    • A bunch of teams would try to sign him J NFL front office people do not see players the same way that fans see them so stop it. The NFL has major QB issues even finding a decent QB is hard to do ask the Ravens it took them 12 years to even get to Joe Flacco. You see 5 years of winning makes people forget the Kyle Boller`s and Anthony Wright`s of the world.

  5. im not so sure donta. flacco is a decent qb and the ravens should sign him. he is better than boller and wright. but he’s not great. i think if he hits free agency, who would make a play for him? name me a team that 1) needs a qb 2) didn’t just draft one in the last couple of years and 3) has the salary cap for it. plus there are always rookie qbs who could start right away. afc north- no other team besides ravens, afc east- only team that needs a qb is jets and they cant afford it because of sanchez’s contract, afc south- possibly jacksonville but they recently drafted gabbert and henne is playing ok, afc west- maybe kc, san diego has rivers, and oakland is prob keeping palmer, nfc east is set, with a possible exception of philly, nfc south is set, nfc north is pretty set unless minnesota gets rid of ponder, nfc west is set too unless arizona wants to make a change. all im saying is that there are only a few times who might have intrest in flacco in the offseason. its not like last season when p. manning was avaliable. flacco simply put doesnt deserve a major contract.

    • The following QB`s are not better than Joe Flacco IMO Ryan Fitzpatrick,Chad Henne,Mark Sanchez,Ryan Tannihill,Carson Palmer,Matt Castle,Jake Locker,Andy Dalton,Christian Ponder, so the Bills,Jaguars,Vikings,Browns,Dolphins,Titans,Jets,Browns,Chiefs,Eagles,Cardnals,Rams. Seahawks QB is not better neither is Josh Freeman so thats 14 teams right there Ravensp

  6. The Intimidator

    You were doing halfway decent “Ravenp” until you said “nfc west is set too unless Arizona wants to make a change”, then your credibilty took a shot…

    My question is “Why WOULDN’T Arizona want to make a change? They got QB’s that I bet your ragged ass arm could out throw.

    Here’s a list of teams that would OVERPAY that shitty Flacco…

    1. Cowboys – Romo is done there and if Jerry Jones can get someone he thinks is better he will shell out the cash.
    2. Cardinals – They have who?
    3. Eagles – Again, they have who?
    4. Jaquars – They need an upgrade everywhere
    5. Jets – You don’t think big market Jets won’t throw money at Flacco and drop Sanchez and TeaBag?
    6. Vikings – Ponder ain’t the answer
    7. Titans – Locker is nothing but a backup and Hasselhoff is history
    8. Chiefs – They have who?
    9. Bills – Fitzpatrick who?

    Look, there are a whole host of teams that think Flacco would need a change of scenery and/or have a QB coach that they think could make him an elite QB.

    Now for the Ravens, yeah they should sign him (even though I think he’s in the bottom half of QB’s) only because there is no one out there. But what I would do is Franchise his ass and bring in a good young QB to sit for a year or two. If they sign him you don’t give him the house. Give a 2/3 year contract for mid-level money. Look, there’s a reason the Ravens signed Ray Rice first even though running backs have shorter careers, it’s because the Ravens aren’t sure about Flacco either.

    • Intim,

      Here’s the only problem I see with the franchise tag – $19.2 million.

      Not sure the Ravens have the cap space.

      Ngata, Rice, Suggs, Yanda, Webb, all have big money deals. That leaves crumbs for the rest of the guys.

      Now the typical Ravens fan will say “cut loose of Ray and Reed and you have extra bucks” While true, when either one of those two guys is playing in another uniform, they’ll bitch about that. Those two will present the second and third dilemma besides Flacco this offseason.

      The Ravens should have brought along another QB after seeing that Flacco was not bright enough to run his own offense.

      The Ravens Spin Doctors (PR) are going to have a rough offseason.

    • The problem with the Ravens though is that before Flacco this organization was straight gabbage at the QB position so if they get rid of Flacco history shows that they will struggle to replace him watch what you pray for all that I know is that we have won games year after year which all that I care about. I could care less if Flacco is elite WIN GAMES F the rest.

  7. FellsPointChris

    There are probably 20+ teams that would pick up a team guy like Flacco in a heartbeat. the gametape just doesnt lie. He’s on film and coaches understand this. Not sure that the media does.

    Teams who need Joe: Dolphins, Eagles, Cowboys, Browns, Jets, Jacksonville, Dallas, Oakland, San Diego, Carolina, Kansas City, Buffalo,Tampa bay,Arizona, Minnesota, Detroit, etc…

    • FellsPointChris,

      Problem is being a “team guy” doesn’t earn you the money his agent is looking for for his client.

      Salary Cap is a huge issue and the reason he hasn’t been signed to this point. That along with his inconsistency from game to game.

      • FellsPointChris

        I agree with you. The major hurdle in getting the deal done is money. They know what Joe is. Just like Joe and his agent knows what Joe is.

        I think the major problem is they simply cannot pay him his market rate. How much is Sanchez getting? 13million? How much is Cam Newton getting? Matt Ryan? I think Joe’s agent is being realistic when looking around the league. Look at what Drew brees is getting and the numbers of W he is putting up in that division.

  8. Joe is history here , the Ravens do not have the cap room for him , Ozzie knows this and will most likely start a q-back revolving door process once again,,,,,,,,,the fans will get mad , but Ozzie doesn’t care he will just get another free pass,,,,,,,,,,,,,Joe is not an elite q-back but I don’t want to go through the likes of Mitchel , Banks , Case , and others ……………please sign him , no matter what………………….

  9. Writing something about how right you are makes you look like a douche, not smart.

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