Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs turned some heads when he intro ducted himself as “Sizzle” from “Ball So Hard University” during Sunday Night Football.  We posted the behind the scenes video of NBC filming Suggs’ introduction and since that time the internet has has been in a flurry about Suggs’ alma mater.

“A lot of guys on this team have been to Ball So Hard University,Suggs said in a press conference this week. “It was just fun, it really started because you know I said Donnie and Duke University, those are my children they kept saying it was my parents.”

The news of Suggs’ new school quickly spread throughout the Ravens locker room.  “I hope everyone on our team can automatically get accepted into that, that’s pretty cool,” Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said. “That’s one of those things that I wish I was thoughtful and cool enough to come up with that on my own.”

“As soon as I said it, it like started a craze,” Suggs added.

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  1. Don’t take this as “sour grapes” because I have already gone on record congratulating The Intimidator, MGW and others for Sunday’s victory but would somebody please shut Terrell Suggs up!?
    This team will soon be known as Suggs and the Thugs..his act is wearing thin and shows how little control Harbaugh has over the Ravens.

  2. (tongue firmly in cheek) Harbaugh doesn’t have control?

    • Yes, over their behavior…I have little respect for either Harbaugh (Jim or John) but coaching requires some degree of control over both on and off field antics. I am tired of guys like Suggs (and he’s not alone) using the player intros to make idiots of themselves. State your name and your college, PERIOD!

  3. Harbaugh is a clueless coach…

  4. Suggs is a beast and he backs up the Shit he talks…. That whole team are a bunch of Shit talkers and I love every bit of it… That’s what has made the ravens a good team for many years.. especially the defense….the swagger… The confidence…. The arrogance…… THE TALENT…. How can u say a coach that wins is clueless.. obviously he’s doing something right…

  5. First off, your user name is islandgirl which automatically negates any opinion you have about football. Stick to backing black bottoms and scrubbing the toilet, Leave the football to the men. Suggs does back up his shit talk and for “the intimidator” to talk out of his ass puts him in the same category as islandgirl. Just because they use some national tv time to expand on a joke makes them a bad guy… grow up

  6. Sooooo…. We have Egurns-Wan Kenobi throwing out life lessons…

    Let me give you a little warning clown before I rip into you, I’m going downtown. Look for me in the endzone after this, I’ll be the guy holding the ball…

    What are you? One of those guys that has three teeth and two of those are in your pocket?

    Islandgirl would clothesline your ass in football knowledge idiot. Your picking on the wrong person with Islandgirl. As a Steeler fan she’s got more respect on this website then the drug induced comments you just made.

    Look Hoss, in a shell, what’s it like to manage a “Waffle House”? I mean the benefits gotta be great and that retirement package has to make you set for life, right?

    Look, your done here… Go back to your boyfriend, let him dangle his dice on your forehead and leave the talking to the adults…

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