Terrell Suggs cut right to the chase when he was asked about Lamarr Woodley’s comments. “LaMarr Woodely is one of the guys who likes to talk out of his ass,” Suggs said in an interview on Fox Sports 1370. “I’m not too concerned.”

Woodley told reporters that the Ravens wouldn’t win a Super Bowl in his lifetime and so far both Suggs and Flacco have responded to that bulletin board material.  Flacco told WBAL that Woodley “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”  I guess that’s the nice way of saying what Suggs said.

The bulk of T-Sizzle’s interview was about proposed rookie wage scales.  A topic Suggs is passionate about according to Michael David Smith of PFT.

“When I was coming in as a rookie I thought that was the biggest baloney I had ever heard,” Suggs said. “But now being a vet, being on the other side of the fence, and seeing the vets that have been in the league for years, have longevity and still haven’t reached that payday, I think it’s pretty unfair, and definitely the rookies should have to earn their money.”