There are two quarterbacks that Terrell Suggs hates more than anyone in the league.  Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady.  The Ravens defensive tackle has been outspoken about how much enjoys taking down Big Ben and has feuded with the Patriots quarterback over recent years complaining about how soft he is and how he looks to draw penalties on good defenses.

In a conversation with Peter King, Suggs finally cleared the air as to why he hates Tom Brady.  “I think I’m just jealous of Tom Brady,” Suggs said on King’s podcast  “I wish I had his looks and played quarterback sometimes.”  He said playing quarterback is a nice job because the NFL has set up rules that put “pretty boy” QB’s on a pedestal.

“I wish I could date the caliber women he dated, you know things like that, so I take my frustration out on him because he’s had such awesome life.”

Suggs also said that he wishes he had Tom Brady’s hair because he started losing his already.