UPDATE: It was initially reported by Adam Schefter that Suggs suffered the injury while playing basketball.  Schefter later reported that it was “unclear” if it was basketball or a conditioning test.  Teammate Vonta Leach indicated that this was a basketball induced injury.  You figure it out.

If the reports are true and Terrell Suggs will indeed miss the entire season because he tore his Achilles tendon playing basketball, not only is that bad news for the Ravens, but it’s a foolish way for the former Defensive Player of the Year to go down.

I remember when Zach Greinke broke a rib playing pickup basketball in March of last season.  He had just requested a trade from Kansas City and been moved to Milwaukee in a five player deal.  Greinke’s injury only costed him the first month of 2011, but he was still labeled as ‘careless’ and ‘stupid.’

The same should be true of Suggs’.

The Ravens invested $63 million over six years on Suggs in 2009 and he just threw one of them away on an injury he suffered away from the field.

Couldn’t tearing your Achilles while playing basketball be considered as reckless as crashing a motorcycle?  That’s what Ben Roethlisberger did in 2006.  Remember how much we criticized him?

When Dan Marino tore his Achilles, on the field, in the 1993 season, he returned in 1994 and threw for 4,453 yards and 30 touchdowns.  It’s reasonable to think that Suggs could return to form in 2013, but you have to imagine that the road to 100 percent will be a long one.

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  1. Shouldn’t be so ball so hard on Suggs. What if he tore his achilles making love to Spy? Would that be any different? A torn achilles is a torn achilles. What we should worry about is him bleaching his girlfriend again.

  2. ‘Careless’ and ‘stupid’ shouldn’t be used for Greinke or Suggs, unless playing basketball was explicitly banned in his contract like it was for Aaron Boone. I’ve played at least a few hundred basketball games in my life, and injured myself in three of them. I’ll go ahead and say I’m not in the same athletic phylum as Terrell Suggs, so his injury rate is probably a little lower. Granted, he’s being paid a lot of money to play football, but you can’t just encase him in bubble wrap and put him in storage when the season is over. Some NFL players go through MMA training in the offseason, and I’m sure they do a number of other “risky” activities to keep themselves in football shape that could definitely result in an unfortunate injury, which is exactly what this is: unfortunate. Not stupid (unless it’s in his contract).

  3. Would you call Suggs “stupid” to his face?

    I guarantee you wouldn’t.

    • Sizzlefan,

      Where do we begin with this comment? Would I say it “to his face”? Chances are pretty slim that I would have even have a chance to do so, thus it becomes a moot point. I stopped worshipping these guys when I was about 14 years old. They are modern day gladiators that we watch and when their skills decline you move on to the next one. I’m quite sure there’s more to this story and it’s also interesting that the team fired their trainer.

  4. These guys can’t walk on eggshells all offseason. Even if he did hurt it playing pick up basketball, that injury for such a highly trained athlete is freakishly rare. Roethlisberger was reckless by zipping around on a motorcycle without a helmet. Suggs was playing basketball. Terrible blow to the Ravens, but no need to go calling it “foolish.”

  5. Time for a new tee shirt from Suggs,,,,,,,,,,how about ‘ball so hard , heel so weak’………

  6. Spy,

    You come up with some good ones…

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