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Last night’s Celtics-Heat game thankfully did not come down to any “clutch” moments as Miami proceeded to shellac Boston to force Game 7 in which should be the most exciting game of these 2012 playoffs.  Now, I don’t say “thankfully” because I am some closet Heat fan or have some tremendous ill-will towards the Celtics […]

With their comeback win over the Royals, the O’s maintained their spot atop the AL East standings as they entered an important series against the cross-state Nationals, who have continued their emergence as a contender in the crowded NL East.  Every series is important for these Orioles however, who have yet to convince anyone (myself […]

While the city of Baltimore remains inexplicably allied to the Washington Capitals’ playoff run (Why?! I will never understand it. I wouldn’t root for the Wizards and the Redskins and Nats are not my #2 teams in football and baseball so why in god’s name would I root for the Caps?  Go Flyers.), the NFL […]

The Dwight Howard saga is done for the remainder of the season.  Correction: Dwight Howard is done for the remainder of the season.  Thanks to machinations both externally and of his own creation, the star center- one of the few true centers with anything resembling a well-rounded game- the headlines aren’t set to quiet down […]

Bobby Petrino is a great football coach, and despite his ignominious background and unceremonious ouster from the University of Arkansas, he will find a job somewhere else- and sooner rather than later.  But Petrino is not unique, as countless coaches have found themselves on the wrong end of a scandal in the last few years.  […]

The Peyton Manning sweepstakes is on, with the latest report putting the former Colts legend on a flight to Denver to talk with the currently Tim Tebow-led Broncos.  I imagine when John Elway said that the Broncos would look to add a few quarterbacks Tebow wasn’t thinking about Peyton Manning walking into the locker room.  […]

I have to be honest; I am lukewarm on the addition of two new playoff spots for major league baseball.  It feels like terribly manufactured drama to me, where we are content with days off between games in the playoffs yet this sudden death game is crammed right after the regular season, one contest which is completely […]