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Ryan Braun has been exonerated!  Well, not exactly.  It’s like a suspected criminal getting a not guilty verdict but losing the civil trial, that sort of uncomfortable moment where you aren’t sure if you should be cheering or cursing Bud Selig yet again (one of these days it’ll stick).  Ryan Braun, circa 2011 season, was […]

Saturday morning- growing up that meant superhero cartoons with my siblings and staying in my pajamas as long as possible.  Years later it meant something was horribly wrong, since I was never awake by noon on Saturday.  Now it appears it means a new timeslot for this column, joining Lindsey for your weekend BSR content.  […]

A little off the beaten path today, but who says I can’t get seasonal? This time of year everyone is getting gifts to tap into the heart of what makes us happy, and in doing so they think about what defines us as people.  Like it or not, we are defined- and define ourselves, by […]