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BSR Podcast

The guys are joined by the Examiner’s Samuel Njoku who helps preview the Ravens week four matchup against the Browns and Mark Brown of FantasyGodSports.com who shares his Fantasy Football Wisdom.

Join Zach, Patrick and Matt for this week’s edition of the best sports podcast in Baltimore, the BSR Podcast.

Ravens-Browns Preview With Samuel Njoku

  • When will the NFL end its feud with replacement referees?
  • Sam discusses the quick turn-around for the Ravens after their Sunday night game against the Patriots.
  • The guys ask Sam about the struggling Ravens secondary.
  • He talks about how Joe Flacco matches up against the Browns defense.

I cant really remember a year that QB seemed to be this deep. There are a lot of guys that I would trust to throw out there. There are certain points in the draft, if you wait, where you’ll see a group of pretty good QBs together that you’ll get to choose from.  If you haven’t done any mock drafting yet, you’ll be surprised as to how late you can get good QBs. Here are my official QB rankings for the 2012 fantasy football season.

1. Aaron Rodgers (GB)

2. Drew Brees (NO)

3. Tom Brady (NE)

4. Matthew Stafford (DET)

5. Cam Newton (CAR)

Rodgers, Brees, and Brady are in a league of their own. They are this year’s class of 1st round QB’s. I absolutely recommend taking Rodgers within the top 5 overall. Brees is a solid late round pick, as is Brady. Because of the QB depth however, I wouldn’t personally take one of these two guys in the first round. I would rather take elite RB’s, WR’s, and TE’s. If all of the guys that I wanted were gone, I’d grab Brees or Brady. If these guys fall to round 2, I would certainly take them. Other than that, I’d rather wait a little.

Stafford and Newton are your next group of guys. These guys go in round 2. Both of them have the potential to pass the top 3 guys, but they are more of a risk. Stafford has had a history of injuries.  Newton had a ridiculous season that he can not repeat. Both guys are very talented though and should be coveted. If your picking at the end of round 2 and one of these guys are available, I think I’d have to take them. It’s tough for me to take them at the top of the second, once again because of the depth at QB opposed to the depth of other positions.

See numbers 6 through 35 after the jump . . .

Fantasy FootballOn the seventh day God created fantasy football.  Prepare thyself for thy draft of football.  Confide in thou fantasy savior to guide thee to wealth and success.  For I share my knowledge with all my children.

My rankings by position will begin on Monday August 27th.  Each day I will cover a different position starting with QB.

In my last article we looked at first round selections.  Let’s continue down the default rankings and take a look at some names that pop out.

Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford.  They are the only two QB’s that are typically being selected in the first 3 rounds aside from the big 3.  What makes these two guys more special than the rest?  Why do they trail the big 3?  Here is your answer.

On the seventh day God did create fantasy.  Thou Fantasy God has returned unto you to speak of thy baseball kingdom.  Prepare thyself for playoffs that bring about the Armageddon of the season of baseball.  For there is only one god of the fantasy world.

Fantasy Baseball Pickups:

Danny Espinosa (2B/SS, WAS)- He had a horrible 1st half.  And now he’s having a very solid 2nd half.  Espy is one of the more streakier hitters in all of baseball.  There is a 50/50 chance that he continues to stay hot through September, or doesn’t hit over .200 for that month.  I’m banking on him staying hot because he typically finishes strong.  He’s also eligible at 2 positions that aren’t very strong.

Eric Young (2B/OF, COL)- He’s very fast.  He’s also excelling in the lead off spot.  It’s hard to get good production out of 2B so scoop up the SB’s that Young offers.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 8/13/12 from Dallas, TX
WWE Champion CM Punk vs. The Big Show- Raw begins with a wrestling match?  What?  A wrestling show that actually begins with a wrestling match?  And a heel vs. heel match at that?  What has made them try to be so edgy all of a sudden?  Tie up to start.  Punk is tossed down because he’s smaller.  Punk fights back aggressively with punches and hard kicks.  Big Show slows Punk’s momentum with a headbutt.  Big torso punch by Show, followed by a choke on the rope.  Big Show uses more torso blows and chops Punk in the corner.  Punk fights back with straight punches, bounces off the ropes, and is met with a shoulder block.  Big Show stands on top of Punk’s body against the ropes.  Show then steps on Punk’s head.  Awesome.

Another big chop against the ropes.  Big Show palms Punk’s head, but Punk gets out by stepping on Show’s feet. Drop kick by Punk doesn’t knock Big Show off his feet.  Knee to the gut by Big Show keeps him in control.  Elbow drop to the arm of Punk.  Leg drop to Punk’s arm.  Another full body stand.  Punk reverses an Irish whip with a kick to the face.  He tries to knock Big Show down with multiple clotheslines.  Big Show whips Punk into the corner, but Punk moves on the charge.  High knee to the face.  Punk goes for a bulldog, but he’s pushed off, and then speared by Big Show.

Daniel Bryan’s music hits.  He comes out arguing with the crowd, screaming NO, and ripping up YES signs.  Bryan yells to the commentary table that he deserves a title shot.  Big Show side slams Punk and gets a two count.  He climbs the turnbuckle for a Bomb, but Punk kicks out his shin.  Punk climbs to the top rope and jumps off with a clothesline.  Two count.  Daniel Bryan hits the ring and attacks Punk.  He locks in the NO lock.  Big Show delivers an elbow drop to Punk while he’s in the NO lock.  John Cena comes running down for the save.  He sends Bryan and Big Show out of the ring.

Come my children for thee fantasy football season is upon us.  Thy god of fantasy has arisen to guide thee towards the holy light of championships.  Follow me as I speak the words of truth.

Over the next few weeks we will begin to look at the 2012 fantasy football season.  There will eventually be an entire week dedicated ranking players by position.  Today we take a look at players currently going in the first round in Yahoo! drafts.

Arian Foster (RB, HOU): He’s a monster, especially in PPR leagues.  He doesn’t scare me one bit.  Every single week he’s going to do something for you.  You can expect 1,500 yards rushing, 600 yards receiving and almost an average of 1 TD per week.  He only missed 3 games last year, and was completely healthy the year before, so I’m not concerned with any injury risk.  If you have the #1 pick overall he’s certainly worth consideration.  You can’t go wrong with him.

Ray Rice (RB, BAL):  Like Foster, Rice also does everything and is a duel threat.  His numbers are also improving year to year.  His season totals are slightly behind Foster’s, which makes him the #2 guy overall in the Yahoo! rankings.  You must consider that he played three games less than Foster last year and still trailed him in the stat lines.  If you have the #1 pick I can’t suggest taking Rice over Foster. While Foster is still your guy, But Rice is without a doubt in the top 3.  That only thing that scares me about him was his hold out.  Historical trend shows that hold outs prove to be risky in the regular season.  It’s just bad karma or something.  Be happy if you get Rice near the top of your draft, but don’t rank him above everyone else.

WWE Raw Results 8/6/12 from San Antonio, TX

Raw begins with General Manager AJ Lee.  She comes out in a white business suit and skips to the ring.  She announces Big Show vs Randy Orton.  Don’t care.  She also announces Daniel Bryan vs John Cena.  Thank you.  Before she makes her final announcement CM Punk’s music hits.  He gets a crowd pop.  I wonder how soon those will stop?  Punk says he did something last week that he wishes he could take back.  He apologizes to AJ for yelling at her.  He says that both he and AJ shouldn’t be disrespected.  He says he’s sorry and the crowd boos.  Punk brings out the sarcasm by saying that AJ will fall flat on her face from time to time and will make big mistakes occasionally.  That’s the heel coming out in him.  He wants AJ to call off the triple threat match at Summerslam.  AJ says the decision will stand.  Punk says that AJ is trying to get back at him from when he embarrassed her during her proposal.  Damn Punk is good.  He hasn’t changed his character whatsoever, but throws out sarcastic heel lines in perfect situations to get a negative reaction.  It’s genius.

John Cena comes to the ring.  He says that Punk should earn respect instead of demand it.  The crowd chants “let’s go Cena, Cena sucks.”  Cena acknowledges the crowd.  Then he acknowledges AJ and tells her that she smells great.  Well planned awkwardness.  Punk says that he saved Cena from Big Show last week.  Cena says the odds are against Punk to retain at Summerslam.  Punk reminds Cena that he beat him at Summerslam last year.  As they argue The Big Show’s music hits.  He gets half way down the aisle before AJ stops everything.  She says she won’t let her show get out of hand.  Punk tells her that the champion deserves to be in the main event.  Cough cough your welcome cough cough.  Patting the back.  AJ says that the fans will vote on Twitter who Punk will face.  The options are The Miz, Kane, or Rey Mysterio.  The match is next.  Next???  So much for the champion being in the main event.  But it makes sense that he isn’t, to push his current disrespect storyline.

Thou Fantasy God is once again here to solve quarries of fantasy perplexities.  Submit thou questions about the fantasy of baseball. More Fantasy Baseball Content will be coming this week. Fantasy Football coverage will begin Monday. Leave Questions and I will respond to them ASAP.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/30/12 from Cincinnati, OH

Raw begins with video of a fire.  During the pyrotechnics rehearsal the Titan Tron caught on fire.  Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler explain that the doors opened late, and that the people are still getting to their seats.  They show a recap video of last week’s 1,000th Raw, perhaps to stall a little longer.  Interesting way to begin.  I’ve seen power outages before, but never a fire.  Odd that they made that public knowledge and showed everyone.  I wonder what the reasoning behind that is?  They missed a golden opportunity to turn this into a Kane angle!  He could have been angry that the catering was out of cookies, raised his arms, and BANG!  Vacated building.

CM Punk comes to the ring.  It’s time for the “why Punk why?” segment.  The fans boo him.  Because they are supposed to.  He’s now a heel.  He says he was uncomfortable with the way Raw 1000 went off the air.  He brings up that Jerry Lawler said “CM Punk has turned his back on the WWE Universe.”  Lawler stares at Punk.  Punk exits the ring and goes towards him.  Punk sits Indian style across the commentary table in front of him.  That means this is probably going to be an in depth conversation!  Punk says that the last time he checked, The Rock was not the entire WWE Universe.  Punk calls Rock a delusional movie star who showed the WWE Champion a lack of respect.  He says that Rock interrupted him, went into his same boring shtick with Daniel Bryan, and then lowered himself to finally talk to Punk.  He says that at the end of the night Rock tried to make the show all about himself.  This is an amazing promo, and I find it hilarious how he’s doing the whole thing from the commentary table, while sitting Indian style.  Love it.


The time has finally arrived.  The most anticipated night in WWE, wrestling, Raw, and television history.  It’s the epic 1,000th episode-a feat that no other weekly episodic show has ever gotten to in the history of television.  And it promises to be star studed and nostalgic. Let’s do this.

Raw begins with a highlight video of past Raw moments.  Dozens of them.  All the celebrities, Vince saying “Bret screwed Bret”, Flair’s goodbye, the Eddie Guerrero tribute show the night after his death, Shawn Michaels “I lost my smile”, Shane McMahon buys WCW, and even Val Venis and the “choppy choppy your pee pee” line.  Phenomenal open.  Raw seems to have a new introduction song.  It’s a rap song.  I wish rap didn’t exist.  I hate it as much as disease and the New York Yankees.  But let’s not be angry on a night like this.  That’s hard for me to do….I know.

Vince McMahon comes to the ring.  What other way can you start the show?  Vince thanks the people.  A “thank you Vince” chant breaks out.  He gives the old school “welcome to Monday Night Raw” intro.  He introduces D-Generation X.  Are you ready?  I am.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H come to the ring.  Shawn Michaels tries to talk on the mic, but he’s blown up.  As in comical blown up.  Shawn says something is missing.  Oh thank god.  We all know where this is going.  Bring them out!  Triple H says “didn’t there used to be more of us?”  Big crowd pop.  Rightfully so.  This is an extremely long time coming.  Many years after their departure I hoped for this moment to happen.  The entire D-Generation X group was the coolest thing of our childhood.  It gave us all a new perspective on life and brought out our inner rebel.  I know my middle school teachers had a hard time with me because of my DX-like rebelliousness. Here they come!