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I cant really remember a year that QB seemed to be this deep. There are a lot of guys that I would trust to throw out there. There are certain points in the draft, if you wait, where you’ll see a group of pretty good QBs together that you’ll get to choose from.  If you […]

On the seventh day God created fantasy football.  Prepare thyself for thy draft of football.  Confide in thou fantasy savior to guide thee to wealth and success.  For I share my knowledge with all my children. My rankings by position will begin on Monday August 27th.  Each day I will cover a different position starting […]

On the seventh day God did create fantasy.  Thou Fantasy God has returned unto you to speak of thy baseball kingdom.  Prepare thyself for playoffs that bring about the Armageddon of the season of baseball.  For there is only one god of the fantasy world. Fantasy Baseball Pickups: Danny Espinosa (2B/SS, WAS)- He had a […]

Come my children for thee fantasy football season is upon us.  Thy god of fantasy has arisen to guide thee towards the holy light of championships.  Follow me as I speak the words of truth. Over the next few weeks we will begin to look at the 2012 fantasy football season.  There will eventually be […]

WWE Raw Results 8/6/12 from San Antonio, TX Raw begins with General Manager AJ Lee.  She comes out in a white business suit and skips to the ring.  She announces Big Show vs Randy Orton.  Don’t care.  She also announces Daniel Bryan vs John Cena.  Thank you.  Before she makes her final announcement CM Punk’s […]

Thou Fantasy God is once again here to solve quarries of fantasy perplexities.  Submit thou questions about the fantasy of baseball. More Fantasy Baseball Content will be coming this week. Fantasy Football coverage will begin Monday. Leave Questions and I will respond to them ASAP.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/30/12 from Cincinnati, OH Raw begins with video of a fire.  During the pyrotechnics rehearsal the Titan Tron caught on fire.  Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler explain that the doors opened late, and that the people are still getting to their seats.  They show a recap video of last week’s 1,000th […]


The time has finally arrived.  The most anticipated night in WWE, wrestling, Raw, and television history.  It’s the epic 1,000th episode-a feat that no other weekly episodic show has ever gotten to in the history of television.  And it promises to be star studed and nostalgic. Let’s do this. Raw begins with a highlight video […]