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Today is the resurrection of your fantasy savior.  Forth now will come more content and more interaction.  For unto us is the nearness of the playoff season. Tis no longer early.  Your fantasy lord now requests your presence within thou fantasy post season.  If any of my children were effected by the loss of Votto, Stanton, El Papi, or Bautista, fear not, as The Fantasy God is here to avenge your losses.

Feel free to leave questions or comments at the bottom for me to answer.  These comments are the best way to reach me.  Somehow this thing turned into a San Diego Padres love fest.  I don’t even like that team in the slightest.  I’m also writing this without charm.

Adam Lind (TOR) 1B– I told you last time to pick him up.  Why didn’t you listen?  Classic case of figuring things out in the minors and then returning to form in the bigs.  He’s good to go for the rest of the year.

Ike Davis (NYM) 1B- He’s going to hit homers for you.  He’s also going to only give you 1 hit per game on the days that he actually gets a hit.  Which means high HR and low average.  A slight upgrade over a guy like Carlos Pena.  Next year I’ll predict that his average will rise again.  He’s had too many health issues this year.

Alexi Amarista (SD) 2B/SS/OF- I spoke of him before.  He’s a good hitter, with good eligibility, that does a little bit of everything.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 7/16/12 from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Episode #999

Raw begins with CM Punk coming to the ring.  He uses the Mick Foley cheap pop and says he loves Las Vegas.  He talks about his pipe bomb that he laid the last time he was in Vegas.  That epic one that was probably the best promo in WWE history.  Too bad that didn’t become the norm.  I’d love to see Punk shoot on the current status of the WWE periodically.  But they won’t let him do that.  We were lucky that they let him do it that one time.  It was a gutsy move by them, but it launched CM Punk into being the most popular wrestler in the world.  Now that he’s at that level they certainly don’t want or need for him to do it again.  Anyways, CM Punk talks about the 1,000th episode next week.

Big Show’s music hits and he comes to the ring.  He says he was inches from winning the Money in the Bank briefcase last night.  He says he would cash the briefcase in right now if he had it.  Punk says that almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  That joke is way too old.  Punk says Big Show did what he always does.  He dominates everyone in the match and then loses.  He says he has the respect of everyone, and he’s half the Big Show’s size.  Punk says that Big Show has his fat contract and the respect of nobody.

Big Show says that if Punk would leave the WWE the people would jump to the next big thing a week later and forget about him.  Really?  Because he left once before and the people made the WWE bring him back.  They chanted “we want Punk” every single show that he was out.  So yeahhhhhhh….. Big Show says that he will knock Punk out and that John Cena will probably cash in on him tonight.  Then Big Show drops the mic as if he just dropped a pipe bomb.  Except for the fact that everything he said was incredibly gimmicky and historically didn’t make any sense.  I’m sure Punk will carry that match later.  I’m also pretty sure that Cena will cash in his briefcase on the 1,000th show.  I guess we shall see.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 7/9/12

Raw begins with AJ skipping to the ring.  Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be the same thing as what they already did on Smackdown.  AJ talks about being the special referee in the championship match at Money in the Bank.  She introduces CM Punk.  Jerry Lawler says they named the cuckoo clock after AJ.  Ehhh.  She tells Punk that she doesn’t need mental help as he said on Smackdown.  She says she’s in control of her mentality at all times.  The crowd chants “AJ’s crazy.”  AJ says that nobody has ever cared about her, let alone show the compassion that Punk did for her.  She said when she kissed Punk she knew what she had to do.  His eyes send love into her heart.  He fills her up with passion and desire.  She says Punk turns her on.  Punk’s body language is making this promo as awkward as it’s supposed to be.  AJ says she now knows what she has to do.  AJ gets down on one knee.  She asks Punk to marry her!!!  The crowd chants YES YES YES.  Loud pop for that one.  Hilarious twist to this angle.

Daniel Bryan comes running to the ring yelling NO NO NO.  He says he can’t allow her to do this.  Bryan claims that Punk doesn’t love AJ and is just playing her because she’s the referee for their match.  Bryan’s sarcasm is so good.  He’s obviously describing himself in this situation.  That’s why it’s so good.  Punk claims that Bryan doesn’t know anything about the situation.  Bryan tells him to say “I do” then.  There is silence.  Bryan tells AJ that Punk sees her as a special referee, and Bryan sees her as a special person.  Bryan said he intended to make a proposal.  He gets down on one knee.  He asks AJ to marry him!!!  Punk wants to know where the ring is since Bryan claimed this was premeditated.  Punk wants to talk to AJ in the back.  Bryan says “don’t you talk down to my future fiance that way.”  HA!

All-Star week is tough.  It’s a shortened week and could be the difference in whether or not you make the playoffs.  You must make sure that you have enough guys pitching Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  It’s also important to make sure that you have two starters going the next week that are going Monday or Tuesday.  So this could be a period in which you need to make moves to make sure that you have both.  For the shortened week, you must make sure you have at least the same number of starting pitchers as your opponent.  In a 3 day week the person with the most starts are probably going to win Wins and K’s.  Here are some hot pickups.

Yasmani Grandal (SD, C)- He’s a good hitter.  Eventually he projects to be like Jason Varitek.  Expect a decent average from the stud rookie.  He’s probably an upgrade to most guys in the league.

Anthony Rizzo (CHC, 1B)– He’s off to a great start.  I do expect him to slow down some, but he should stay serviceable.  He could have a decent second half much like Eric Hosmer did last year.  Unfortunately he plays for the Cubs, and they will probably sell some of the bats around him like Alfonso Soriano.  The better he hits, the less pitches he will see.  If he’s available to pick up you should.  If you already have him, he’s also a good sell high candidate.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 7/2/12

Raw begins with John Cena coming to the ring.  Shocker.  He talks about how Jericho was right when he said Cena has never been in Money in the Bank.  Apparently him being attacked by Jericho and Big Show helped prepare him for Money in the Bank, and he wants to thank them.  That’s incredibly weak.  YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!! Daniel Bryan comes out shouting and makes his way to the ring.  No entrance music.  Just him yelling YES!  Loved it.  Cena makes a joke and says that Bryan agrees with him.  Bryan makes a better joke and said “actually Cena, I didn’t even know you were out here.”  Bryan says he will beat Punk for the title, and then Cena will be the first guy to cash in and lose.  CM Punk comes out.  He steals Bryan’s line.  He asks everyone if they disagree with Daniel and they all yell yes.  Cena says yes and Jerry Lawler picks up a mic and says yes.  Punk asks if the guy in the stands selling popcorn disagrees with Bryan.  Unfortunately there isn’t a camera shot of a guy with popcorn and a microphone yelling yes.  Damn.  That could have been the greatest thing ever.  Bryan begs everyone to have an original thought and stop stealing his catch phrase.

Chris Jericho comes out.  He says people have been stealing his catch phrases forever.  Then he says “isn’t that right Mr. Best in the world.”  Which of course was directed at Punk.  Punk fires back quickly and says “Yes Bon Jovi.”  That made me lol.  Jericho tells Bryan he needs more catch phrases.  Then in a prelude to his face turn he spits off some of his catch phrases.  “Welcome to Raw is Jericho.”  “Things will never eeeeeeever be the same again.”  It’s been awhile since we’ve heard that stuff.  Pyro explodes as Jericho has his finger in the air.  He freezes as Kane makes his way down the aisle.  His finger is still in the air when Kane hits the ring.  That mad me lol too.

There’s a formula to predicting the All-Star rosters each year. Aside from taking the starters who were voted in, and taking one guy from each team, there are a few other factors that most people tend to forget. The main one is how the All-Stars are selected. After fan voting comes player and manager voting. Most people seem to forget that the players themselves have a say in all of this. And based on historical trend the players seem to vote for the guys that are the scariest to face, despite the statistics.

So when the rosters are revealed there will be a lot of backlash towards certain guys who don’t have good enough statistics to be there. There’s a good chance that this guy was chosen by the players. Although Albert Pujols statistically hasn’t been good enough to make this All-Star team, don’t be shocked if he’s on it. And if he is on it, it’s probably because the players and managers voted him in.

Another one that people tend to forget about are relievers and utility players. For the last few seasons MLB has told the All-Star managers to make sure there were non closing relievers and at least one utility guy on the team. That way the game includes every possible position that there is in the game. A few years ago people went nuts when Omar Infante was selected because of this rule. Nationals fans were surprised last year when Tyler Clippard was chosen as their All-Star over current closer Drew Storen.

This recap and analysis of WWE’s Monday Night Raw are the personal opinions of the writer. The author of this article is a former promoter, writer, and referee in the wrestling industry. You won’t find analysis as accurate as this anywhere else on the internet.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 6/25/12

Raw begins with AJ in the back. She’s really become the top focus of the show…and rightfully so.  People love her.  AJ’s face is shown as she appears to be talking to other people.  She tells Daniel that he has feelings for her still, but they are drifting apart.  She tells Kane that she wants to get wild, but he’s a monster.  She tells Punk that they are soul mates, but he doesn’t feel the same.  She says they should all go their separate ways.  Then the camera pans around to show that she is talking to a mirror.  Of course we all saw that coming, but it’s still funny.  Then the Raw introduction video airs.  Ha!  The fact they they aired this before the show even started is pretty cool.  AJ continues to be the best character in the company.  I think we all can agree with that.

Vickie Guerrero comes out to the stage.  Continuing the storyline of former GM’s running the show, Vickie is tonight’s General Manager.  She says she will become the permanent Raw GM in 4 weeks at the 1,000th anniversary show.  Does that mean that they will bring back all of the old GM’s that night and decide on a new one?  I like that concept.  I’m sure it will end up being nobody from the past.  Hopefully this means we get a Mike Adamle appearance eventually!!  Jamaican me crazy!!  Vickie announces a 3 way elimination match.

For weeks I’ve made Will Middlebrooks the main topic of discussion in these articles.  Now that Youk is gone, he’s on his own.  Those of you who listened can now sit back and enjoy his top 40 numbers.  Who do you pick up this week?

Wilin Rosario (C, COL)- He’s staying serviceable.  There are a lot of nights that he goes 0’fer, but when he does hit he either puts up multiple hits or HR’s.  He’s a decent guy to own if you’ve been injury plagued at catcher this year.

Brandon Belt (1B/OF, SF)- My boy is back!  How long did I spend praising this guy in the off season just to see Bochy decide to never play him?  Well now he’s playing.  And he’s hitting homers.  Lots of homers.  Plus he can hit for average and steal bases.  I’m a big Belt believer.  So of course I think he can sustain this play the rest of the year.

Anthony Rizzo (1B, CHC)- He’s coming up.  He destroyed minor league pitching.  But then again, he’s done that in the past too and then struggled in the majors.  This time around he should start hitting.  The difference is that he’s finally away from Petco Park.  Wrigley should be kind to him.  He’s a very good rookie to add now and hope that he has an immediate impact.  Very high ceiling and upside.

Chris Nelson (2B/3B COL)- The Rockies are famous for having nobody infielders become decent fantasy options.  Anyone can hit there.  Nelson has value because he’s eligible at the weakest fantasy position there is…2B.  He does a little bit of everything.  He’s not a superstar, but he will be serviceable for fantasy.

This recap and analysis of WWE’s Monday Night Raw are the personal opinions of the writer. The author of this article is a former promoter, writer, and referee in the wrestling industry. You won’t find analysis as accurate as this anywhere else on the internet.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 6/18/12 from Long Island, New York

Raw beings with Mick Foley. Nice surprise.  Nice start.  Foley comes to the ring in a suit.  He says he’s here to promote the 1,000th Raw episode.  He says the board told him that they would be reaching out to former General Managers while they look for a permanent one.  He is the guest host of Raw and Smackdown this week.  Thank god its not Kevin Nash like he teased on Twitter today.  I really have no desire to see Kevin Nash.  Foley immediately makes Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus and CM Punk for later tonight.  Foley welcomes John Laurinaitis for his farewell address.  Laurinaitis comes out in an arm sling, neck brace, and with a crutch.  Nice neck brace!  The crowd is really hot tonight already.  They chant “you got fired.”  I’m sure this crowd will be hot for Zack Ryder tonight since it’s his home town.  Assuming that they actually use him in his hometown.  Foley makes a bad joke and accuses Laurinaitis of saying Long Island sucks.  Very loud boo from the smart mark crowd, as they blatantly react to the cheap pop in a sarcastic way.  Laurinaitis says his goodbye present is a handicap match.  John Cena vs. Big Show, David Otunga, and John Laurinaitis.

This recap and analysis of WWE’s Monday Night Raw are the personal opinions of the writer. The author of this article is a former promoter, writer, and referee in the wrestling industry. You won’t find analysis as accurate as this anywhere else on the internet.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 6/11/12 from Hartford, CT- 3 Hour Show

John Laurinaitis comes out to start the show.  He is riding his awesome “People Power” scooter.  He gets in the ring and goes into his normal “my name is Mr. John Laurinaitis” speech.  After he spits out one line Mr. McMahon’s music hits.  Vince comes to the ring with his power walk.  The crowd chants “Vince” loudly.  Vince doesn’t want to shake Laurinaitis’ hand as he says he doesn’t know where its been.  He wants Laurinaitis to give him one reason why he shouldn’t be fired right now.  Laurinaitis’ says “two words…People Power!”  He says Raw is approaching it’s 100th episode.  Michael Cole immediately laughs at his mistake because Raw is obviously approaching 1,000 episodes.  The crowd chants “fire Johnny.”  This crowd is hot.  Laurinaitis tries to tell Vince about what they have in common.  He says they are both business men.  Vince brings up the Brock Lesnar signing and the two lawsuits that resulted in it.  He makes a joke about Laurinaitis actually hiring the wrong one legged wrestler.  I’m assuming he’s speaking of Zach Gowan.  I’m not familiar with that story.  Vince asks why Laurinaitis re-signed Big Show to big deal.  Laurinaitis reminds Vince that DX once shoved his head up Big Show’s ass.  #NoChanceInHell, Vinny Mac, and Mr. McMahon are all trending on Twitter.  Laurinaitis keeps rambling on.  Vince says “we can’t even understand you.”