I’m going to comment on what has become quite possibly the dumbest story in sports this week.

Former Patriot and current NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi got upset with New England wide receiver Chad Ochocinco over a tweet he posted that complimented the Pats organization.  “I’ve never seen a machine operate like that,” Ochocinco tweeted.  For reasons that I have yet to figure out, Bruschi took offense to the tweet, telling Ochocinco to “drop the awe factor.”

“You’re not a fan, all right?  You’re not someone who’s on another team or watching TV.  You’re not an analyst.  You’re part of it,” he said.

Are you as confused as I am?  Is Bruschi upset because Ochocinco is happy to be on a good team?  Does he not want Chad to compliment his teammates?  I can’t make any sense of this.

Here’s my logic.  Bruschi is a guy who was basically asked to retire before the team would have cut him prior to the 2009 season. He is likely jealous of Ochocinco and is lashing out for no logical reason.  Ochocinco isn’t giving away secrets or complaining about a lack of playing time, he’s saying he’s impressed.  Bruschi is coming off like an old man that randomly yells at kids when a ball rolls into his yard.

Relax dude.  They’ll be plenty of controversies this season for you to rant about, like Tom Brady’s haircut or that stupid hoodie that Bill Bilichick wears.  Leave Ochocinco alone until he does do something stupid.

The funniest part is that Wes Welker tweeted something nearly exactly the same and he didn’t get a lecture from old man Bruschi.